Simple Syrup Alternatives [Healthier Mixers]

Simple Syrup Alternatives [Similar Cocktail Mixers]

We’ve all been there! Letting our hair down and whipping up a tasty mojito, daiquiri or hurricane for friends and family, but your all out of simple syrup and need an alternative fast. This super cheap drink sweetener is a must have in many mixed drink recipes but can you get away with using a similar comparable simple syrup sweetening agent?

The quick answer is yes! There are a variety of simple syrup substitutes for your margarita and old fashioned cocktails, such as agave and stevia, plus it’s pretty easy to make your own at home. You can buy simple syrup at most local stores but sometimes you may want to tweak a cocktail recipe or just need an equivalent alternative that’s to hand.

1. Swoon Zero Sugar

Swoon Zero Sugar Simple Syrup - Natural...
Our first choice and highly recommended sweetener is produced by Swoon. This simple syrup substitute is ideal for people on a keto or paleo diet, have diabetes or worry about tooth decay as it boasts containing zero sugar, carbs and calories. This natural sweetener is derived from the sugary nectar tasting monk fruit.


That’s right! One tablespoon of this liquid is the equivalent of a packet of raw sugar, but doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar based alcohols. Swoon is perfect for coffee, tea, smoothies, cooking and of course delicious cocktails. Nutritionist, bartender and barista expertise infused into every bottle.


2. Floral Cocktail & Soda Syrup

Ultimate Floral Cocktail & Soda Syrup Set -...
Next up, something special for mixologists. Are you looking for a simple syrup alternative to try your hand at a little drink mixing experimentation? Then this set of floral infused sugar syrup mixers should be right up your street. Add these to your favorite spirits, cocktails and juices for a flavor explosion.


Created by Floral Elixir Co these 14 different taste sensations will certainly get the party started. Flavors include Cherry Blossom, Elder flower, Hibiscus, Rose, Juniper Berry, Prickly Pear, Jasmine, Violet, Tropical Orchid, Rose Hip, Lavender, Lemon Nasturtium, Lemon Verbena and Orange Blossom. Yummy!


3. Stevia Infused Agave Nectar

Nectevia New England Maple - Stevia Infused...
Now introducing a agave nectar infused with stevia sweetener developed by Steviva Brands. This great tasting indulgent maple flavored is a direct alternative to maple syrup, but contains 75% less calories, carbs and sugars. This is the most popular sweetener available that’s similar to simple syrup but has a deeper flavor.


Nectevia syrup states it lasts 400% longer than your everyday agave, meaning this pack of 6 will keep you mixing wonderful cocktails all year long. This syrup is perfectly fine when on a keto or paleo diet and is also gluten free, fully vegan and safe for diabetics. Beautiful when mixed in to a long island iced tea.


How to make simple syrup?

As mentioned above you can make your own simple syrup substitute in the comfort of your own home and is a great way to test new flavor combinations. Check out this video for quick and easy to follow instructions.


So, there you have it! Our list of the best alternatives to simple syrup not only provides the most popular comparable sweetener but also gives you an idea of the infinite combination of flavors on offer. You can really go wild, think outside of the box and create something truly unique.

You could also test everyday kitchen pantry items such as honey and molasses, try your hand at making your own or even try using sweet liqueurs in your mix, things like kahlua, vermouth, cointreau, drambuie and frangelico are great for adding sweetness and masking that hard liqueur burn or overpowering flavor.