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Qualify for Federal Assistance when Making Your Eco-friendly Purchases

Qualify for Federal Assistance when Making Your Eco-friendly Purchases

Oil, gasoline and often electricity are dependent on traditional, non-renewable energy. These sources worked well and efficiently for decades however, with the declining state of both the environment and the economy, even the government is realizing that we must embrace environmentally friendly alternatives to become both financially and environmentally solvent.

You may think that the act of going green carries with it a lot of upfront costs. Especially since green technology is comparably new technology and all these new-fangled appliances and automobiles and fuels cost a lot more. And, you’re right, they do cost more up front. Look at the eco-friendly CLD light bulbs. They cost more than double the purchase price of a standard light bulb but, they last ages longer. Not having to spend more on replacement bulbs as often ends up saving you lots of dough. Until recently, it’s been difficult for working class individuals to invest in what was once considered a costly and cumbersome technology. Both European governments and the United States are making strides making green energy more affordable.

There’s a number of US federal grants and tax breaks available to the general public and corporations listed at, focusing on energy investments, use of energy efficient appliances and building materials and much more. For regular working stiffs, there’s a energy efficiency tax credit and a renewable energy tax credit, as well as production incentives and alternative fuel and vehicle incentives. Farmers and rural business owners can find grants through the USDA for purchasing, retrofitting and improvements that make green farming achievable.

Not in the United States? At, has a search for energy saving grants and offers and states you may be eligible for money from the government for making energy to increase heating and energy efficiency and lists options for saving money reducing waste, saving water and much more. At, there’s a list of grants available for installation of solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, solar thermal hot water, ground source heat pumps, automated pellet-fed room heaters/ stoves and wood fueled burner systems.

What’s great about all these incentives is that they are starting to turn up everywhere and they make it not only more cost efficient to go green; but, also easier to start reaping the benefits both in your own bank account and also for future generations. So, check out the sites mentioned to find the most affordable solution for you and you too can get some green while going green!

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