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Pilgrim ISW 750 Oven Hood Review

Pilgrim ISW 750

If you love to cook, then you also know that when you prepare all kinds of delicacies, cooking fumes are created. To ensure that these fumes do not linger in your kitchen, it is useful to have a hood. Although there are different types and models, we recommend the Pelgrim ISW 750, which is operated by means of a slider. This model is a built-in extractor hood that is suitable for removing air from your kitchen. You can even convert it to re-circulation. There are also 3 speed settings on this extractor hood that you can choose from based on your cooking situations.

Pelgrim is a well-known manufacturer that has been around for a long time. The appliances of this brand have been used in Dutch kitchens for many years. They also play an important role in this. This purely Dutch brand stands for user-friendliness, ease of cleaning and innovative technologies that contribute to optimum performance. At Pelgrim there is a continuous search for possibilities to make the house more beautiful. It is also important for the designers at Pelgrim that the devices make your life easier. At Pelgrim you can go for various types of appliances such as hobs, ovens, coffee makers, washing machines, microwaves and hoods. Make your life easier with a Pilgrim device!

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Review on the Pelgrim ISW 750

You must have experienced it once or more often: you have prepared a delicious meal. When you wake up the next day, your kitchen still smells like last night’s stew. Many of us do not like this. That is why it is handy to have a cooker hood at home. If you opt for the Pelgrim ISW 750, then this problem is a thing of the past. The extractor hood is equipped with different extraction speeds. This means that you can determine which setting is perfect for this based on the amount of vapor or smoke that you want to eliminate. There are 3 different extraction speeds on this device. The scents in your kitchen disappear like snow in the sun thanks to this device. Handy, right? So you can safely add those extra herbs to your food, because the scent will never linger.

The manufacturer has thought of everything when designing the Pelgrim ISW 750. In addition to ensuring that the extractor hood performs optimally, it is also ensured that it functions hygienically. This device has a removable grease filter cassette that you can easily clean. You only need soapy water to clean the filter. When you choose a cooker hood, it is important that it fits in your kitchen design. You can put this model in a closed cupboard. It has a width of 52.5 cm, a depth of 28.6 cm and a height of 14.9 cm. You operate it with a slider. With a maximum extraction capacity of 255 m 3 per hour, the extractor hood is perfect for removing vapors and odors from a small to medium-sized kitchen. When it is switched on you hardly hear it, because its highest noise level is 59 dB.

Pilgrim ISW 750 Oven Hood Review

Advantages of the Pelgrim ISW 750

If you are planning on bringing in a hood or other device, it is important to look at the size, performance and design. However, remember that every device has good features and shortcomings. Before you make a choice with regard to your new devices, we therefore recommend that you also be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. We already sum up the benefits of the Pelgrim ISW 750 for you:

  • Washable metal filters
    The filters included in this Pelgrim range hood are made of metal. In addition, these filters are washable, so you don’t always have to buy new filters. Easily clean the filters with soapy water and then save money as the costs for new filters are eliminated.
  • Can be used in several ways
    Some cooker hoods can only be used in 1 way. Depending on your needs, you may find that good or less pleasant. In the case of this extractor hood, there is also a possibility of use, except for the extraction of vapors and odors. After you have converted it, you can also use it in a recirculation setup.
  • Multiple positions
    This extractor hood has 3 extraction speeds. This is not the case with some other extractor hoods. Depending on your personal extraction needs and the situation in your kitchen, you can therefore determine yourself whether a high or low extraction speed is required.
  • Not too much noise
    This extractor hood has a maximum noise level of 59 dB. This level only applies if you use it at the setting with the highest extraction speed. A noise level of only 59 dB means that the extractor hood does not disturb you when it is switched on.

Disadvantages of the Pilgrim ISW 750

When choosing a new device, it is important to view the features and benefits. However, in order to get a complete picture of the device, it is preferable to examine the possible disadvantages that it entails. We all know that every device also has shortcomings. To take your search off your hands, we have investigated for you which features of the Pelgrim ISW 750 you may experience as less pleasant. We have come across 1 flaw:

  • Buy the conversion kit yourself
    If you like the standard arrangement of this extractor hood, then you can neglect this downside. However, if you think it is important that the device is converted for a re-circulation setup, you must purchase the conversion kit separately. This is namely not included as standard. You may experience the additional costs for the conversion set as negative.

Conclusion of this review about the Pelgrim ISW 750

We have told you about the features of the Pelgrim ISW 750. In addition, you are now also aware of the benefits it brings and the point that you may experience as less pleasant. Since this extractor hood has multiple positions, it is easy to operate, you do not always have to buy new filters for it and you can use it in different ways, we think it is recommended. This extractor hood is perfect for extracting vapors and odors from a small to medium-sized kitchen.

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