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How To Live Off The Grid With No Money [10 Easy Steps]

How To Live Off The Grid With No Money

It may take a few months or a few years to get yourself in a position where you are ready to start off-grid homesteading. There is no right or wrong amount of time. Providing you have followed the first ten steps you are now ready to move into your new homestead and make your dream […]

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Constant Tickle In Throat Causing Coughing [How To Stop]

Constant Tickle In Throat Causing Coughing

There is nothing more annoying than a tickley throat that causes you to cough! The cough is one infection that virtually everyone will get at some point in their life. In fact, you may experience a cough or a cold once or twice every year, especially as the seasons change. Keep a bottle of this […]

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Best Braun MultiQuick 9 Alternative [Hand Blenders]

Hand Blender Mixers

A hand blender, often known as immersion blender or stick blender is a significant need in the kitchen. This is especially true when blending, whisking, mashing, and pureeing soups and sauces are your routine tasks while cooking. Hand blenders make the process quite easy and efficient. We have reviewed some products to find out the […]

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Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative [Resolved]

Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative

Pens are a writing instrument that are used every day by billions of people across the world. We use them to write our grocery lists, our homework and our love letters. But here’s the problem with your typical, everyday pen that you would buy at Walmart … They often leak when exposed to slightly different […]

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Alternative to TV Ears [Solved]

Alternative to TV Ears

When a member of a family is hard of hearing, things as small as the volume of the television can become a problem. If the volume is at a normal range, the hard of hearing family member cannot enjoy the entertainment. If it is turned up loud enough for them to hear, it may hurt […]

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7 Hand-picked Craigslist Alternative For Hookups

Craigslist Alternative For Hookups

You know you can count on craigslist when you want a hookup pronto. It is one of the most popular yet notorious places on the internet where you can search and find just about anything. Unfortunately, all this stopped with the passing of the country’s Senate bill H.R 1865 in march 2018. This was passed […]

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Best Alternative To Boarding Up Windows [Storm Safety]

Alternative To Boarding Up Windows

Boarding Up Windows From The Outside Important supplies and tips needed Supplies list: Large washers Circular saw Plywood Screws (rust resistant recommended) Drill and drill bits Measuring tape Barrel Bolts Smart Tip #1: It is recommended to use plywood that is 5/8 inch thick Smart Tip #2: Consider using tension clips or hurricane clips (PLYLOX […]

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Best Insul Bright Alternative [Heat Resistant Review]

Insul Bright Alternative

Have you ever wondered what keeps your hands from getting burned when you are using pot holders and oven mitts? Most people just assume that it is just regular cotton batting inside of the oven mitts or potholders that offer the heat resistant protection that we often take for granted, but that is usually far […]

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