Bamboo Steamer Alternative [Best Kitchen Substitute]

Bamboo Steamer Alternative [Best Kitchen Substitute]

So, you want some yummy steamed dumplings, rice, vegetables or fish and don’t want to use a basic bamboo steamer? Not a problem! Let me start by saying that the traditional, cheap and easy to use bamboo steamers have there place in the kitchen, but let’s get real… They are a little dated, need replacing […]

Alternative to Air Mattress [Comparable & Similar Beds]

Alternative to Air Mattress [Comparable & Similar Beds]

From whoopee cushions to water balls, earth dwellers have always found a way to use air to simply have fun. Air also helps us in our sports, shipping containers and marketing, but this guide is for those who need a comfy, convenient bed to sleep on. You might call it an air mattress, blow-up bed, […]

Alternative to Antibiotics

Alternative to Antibiotics [Best Natural Health Supplements]

When one of your family members falls ill, what is the first thing you do? You probably pay a visit to your family doctor and, depending on the nature of the ailment, your doctor may prescribe a round of antibiotics. What you may not realize is that the very medicine your doctor gives you feel […]

Alternative to Airpods

Alternative to Airpods [Best Comparable Ear Buds]

Due to man’s ever increasing demand for sophisticated tools in the digital world, Apple as they always do, had to come up with the gradual development of the Apple Airpod as part of their Apple products stream. This article therefore, gives a quantitative analysis, explanation as well as good review of the Apple Airpod alternatives. […]

10 Best Alternatives to Apple Pencil Stylus? [Solved]

Apple Pencil Alternative? Comparable 1st Gen & 2 iPad Stylus?

So, your getting sick and tired of paying Apple’s eye watering prices and want a good alternative to their Apple Pencil? Let me stat by saying that the Apple stylus (1st & 2nd generation) is specifically designed to operate with Apple products including iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3 and standard iPad, and does a […]

Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative [Resolved]

Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative [Resolved]

Pens are a writing instrument that are used every day by billions of people across the world. We use them to write our grocery lists, our homework and our love letters. But here’s the problem with your typical, everyday pen that you would buy at Walmart … They often leak when exposed to slightly different […]

Alternative to TV Ears

Alternative to TV Ears [Solved]

When a member of a family is hard of hearing, things as small as the volume of the television can become a problem. If the volume is at a normal range, the hard of hearing family member cannot enjoy the entertainment. If it is turned up loud enough for them to hear, it may hurt […]

Craigslist Alternative For Hookups

7 Hand-picked Craigslist Alternative For Hookups

You know you can count on craigslist when you want a hookup pronto. It is one of the most popular yet notorious places on the internet where you can search and find just about anything. Unfortunately, all this stopped with the passing of the country’s Senate bill H.R 1865 in march 2018. This was passed […]

Best Alternative To Tennis Balls On Chairs [Solved]

Best Alternative To Tennis Balls On Chairs [Solved]

Using tennis balls on chairs has been practiced for a while now. What makes it so common is the fact that it is cheap, readily available and easy to set up. Tennis balls on chairs are a great way to reduce noise and also to prevent the chairs from making scratch marks on the floor. […]

Alternative To Boarding Up Windows

Best Alternative To Boarding Up Windows [Storm Safety]

Boarding Up Windows From The Outside Important supplies and tips needed Supplies list: Large washers Circular saw Plywood Screws (rust resistant recommended) Drill and drill bits Measuring tape Barrel Bolts Smart Tip #1: It is recommended to use plywood that is 5/8 inch thick Smart Tip #2: Consider using tension clips or hurricane clips (PLYLOX […]