Liquitex Pouring Medium Alternative [Acrylic Paint Art]

Liquitex Pouring Medium Alternative [Acrylic Paint Art]

So, your a huge fan of acrylic pouring liquid art and want to try an alternative to your usual Liquitex brand to thin your paint, yet require a comparable finish and similar ink pouring experience. I’m happy to report than in this article we will list acrylic pouring mediums as good as, if not better than Liquitex.

Now, don’t get me wrong… Liquitex is a great product and it can be difficult to find a copycat substitute with equivalent precise pouring capabilities, but Liquitex can be expensive for beginners, lack the artistic finish you envisioned or you just fancy a change. The pouring mediums reviewed below make a fantastic replacement and some artists prefer the end results. Quick look review winners…

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What are pouring mediums?

Even though most liquid acrylics have an inherent fluid viscosity, to achieve the correct consistency for pouring an extra medium needs to be added. This something extra depends on whether your finished artwork has a wash pour for a watercolor effect or coated pour for a bold even finish.

Simply adding a small amount (1:10 ratio) of water will increase acrylic pouring rate, and the more you add changes how your paint adheres to your work surface. A 1:1 ratio is recommended for a watercolor effect. However when you want to create consistent sheets of color and abstract puddles a quality pouring medium similar to Liquitex is a must.

1. Flood/PPG

Flood FLD6-04 latex paint additive
First up, the Floetrol additive for acrylic and latex paints created by Flood/PPG. This medium allows you to create some amazing pieces of art using the acrylic pouring technique. Whether that be dream like flowing patterns, extremely complex color combinations or super vibrant bold statement pieces. This product can do it all!


Flood Floetrol allows you to create stunning art in the comfort of your own home and is much easier than you think. Remove the perceived challenge of the Acrylic Pour technique and start making awesome abstract art for your home, to sell online or gift friends and family. Get started today!


2. Decoart

Decoart Pouring Medium
Next on our review list is an excellent pouring medium produced by Decoart. With a recommended 2 parts paint to 1 part medium you can create vibrant and rich art pieces. At these measurements Decoart thins paint to an ideal pouring consistency, is crazing and cracking resilient and great for creating cell effects.


Unlike some acrylic mediums, adding this product does not reduce drying times allowing you to quickly set your artwork once happy. You can adjust the mix ratios for different effects and Decoart pouring medium looks fantastic on most art surfaces, including canvasses, paper and wood panels. Well worth the price!


3. Sargent Art

Sargent Art Pouring Acrylic Medium, 128 oz
Last but not least, the admirable pouring medium manufactured by Sargent Art. Hobbyists, artists and crafters will get excellent acrylic art results with this affordable acrylic thinning agent. Create a smooth and even flow of vibrant color, that lasts. Use in combination with the companies clear gloss to lock in colors.


This American made pouring medium is non toxic so suitable for children to try their hand at acrylic pouring. Sargent Art have produced a great range of various liquid sizes and finishes, allowing you to get on with the fun creative side. This medium can also be used with fluorescent, metallics and watercolor.


Supplies required for acrylic paint pouring?

This handy video outlines all the equipment and supplies needed to get you started on your acrylic pouring journey. List of things you need for acrylic art!


As you may or may not know consistency is key for acrylic paint pouring art. Heavy liquid acrylics are difficult to work with and never merge in the desired way, but on the other side of the coin if your acrylics are too thin you lack control. Somewhere in the middle Goldie Locks zone is just right.

Many acrylic artists have success with bog standard craft paints, but these tend to crack and crumble over time. Long lasting artwork can be achieved with professional grade high quality fluid acrylics. I’m afraid your going to have to spend a little more for superior light fastness, ease of use and strong pigments. I’m sure you’ll find one of our Liquitex pouring medium review products an excellent alternative for your artwork.