Best Insul Bright Alternative [Heat Resistant Review]

Insul Bright Alternative

Have you ever wondered what keeps your hands from getting burned when you are using pot holders and oven mitts? Most people just assume that it is just regular cotton batting inside of the oven mitts or potholders that offer the heat resistant protection that we often take for granted, but that is usually far from true. When you are dealing with high temperatures, like the ones present when you are cooking a nice hot meal in the oven, you need a special type of fabric to protect yourself from burns and scalds. Thankfully there are quite a few companies out there that make this type of product.

#1 Organic Option:

Organic Cotton Heavy Thermal Fabric -...
  • 100% Organic Cotton Heavy Thermal, Made in USA
  • Low Impact Dyes
  • 12.8 Ounces / Linear Yard, 56 Inches Wide

Insul-bright is a brand created by The Warming Company that makes this type of heat resistant batting. It is used for making pot holders, oven mitts, hot-cold insulated reusable grocery bags, teapot covers, and ironing board covers as well as many other products that require some form of insulation. Insul-bright is heat resistant and is made up of a combination of polyester fibers and mylar. It is a lightweight fabric and is very versatile, so you can use it in a number of different sewing projects.

Mylar is a brand that makes a polyester paper like material that is very good at insulating in both hot and cold environments. Mylar acts to insulate against hot temperatures to keep you from getting burnt, and it can also help to keep your food warm. Have you ever ordered delivery food to your door? Chances are if you have, your food was very likely transported in a bag made out of insul-bright, or a similar insulating material, to keep it nice and hot while it was making its way to you.

Much like insul-bright keeps our food and beverages hot, is can also keep them cold too! This stuff acts as a good insulator for both hot and cold because it blocks outside temperatures from making their way inside the container and keeps the temperature from inside the container from escaping. The cool thing about this stuff, other than it being a great two- way insulator, is that it is breathable. This means that it won’t cause a bunch of condensation in your hot meals.

While insul bright is the most well-known brand for this type of insulating batting, there are a few insul bright alternatives that work just as well, if not better. Some of these alternatives very in fabric type so you’ll need to take this into consideration when deciding which to buy and what you plan to use it for.

Pellon 957 Polyester Insul Fleece

Pellon 975BX Polyester Insul-Fleece, 27" x...
  • Decorative trimmings-quilt binding trim
  • Made out of good Quality materials
  • Made in United States

This polyester based insulated fleece batting has been needle punched with mylar to help reflect hot and cold back to where it belongs. This Insul-Fleece batting works just the same as insul-bright but comes at a much lower price point. It is soft and comfortable, so you can using it in quite a few of your sewing projects ranging from clothing, pot holders and oven mitts to Reusable hot/cold grocery bags and homemade lunch boxes. The possibilities with this stuff are numerous.

Pellon 957 Polyester insul-fleece is made out of a blend of aluminized polyethylene insul fleece and polyester fibers to ensure the it meets your insulation needs.

Bosal Poly-Therm Heat reflective fleece-silver

Bosal Poly-Therm Heat Reflective Fleece,...
  • 464
  • 834875004647
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product

Much the same as Insul bright and Pellon Insul- Fleece, this product by Bosal acts as a great insulator for both hot and cold. This stuff if so versatile! It is made out of polyester fleece fibers as well as polyethylene film. You can use it to make oven mitts, tea cozies, thermal blankets, grocery bags, slippers and so much more! It is recommended that if you are using this stuff for pot holders or oven mitts that you use a very thin layer of cotton batting on the outside as very hot temperatures have been known to melt fleece and film.

The Bosal Poly-Therm has a two-side design, one side being fleece batting and the other side being silver colored reflective film. This makes it an excellent option if you are planning to make your own hot / cold reusable grocery bags, lunch boxes or casserole cozies. The metallic film on the inside will ensure that heat is reflected back to the source, keeping your hot stuff hot, and your cold stuff cold.

James Thompson & Co. Therma Flec Heat Resistant Cloth

This heat resistant cloth works similarly to insul-bright in the sense that it is heat resistant and versatile. It is not completely heat proof, however, it is heat resistant up to 390 degrees which will be suitable for most of your needs. Made out of a blend of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%) fibers, it is a good fabric for things such as pot holders, oven mitts, teapot/ casserole cozies, reusable grocery bags and lunch boxes because of its insulating qualities.

The James Thompson & Co. Therma Flec Cloth is budget friendly and very versatile. It is perfect for crafters because it is easy to sew and comes at a very low cost compared to similar products found online. It is recommended that you use a thin layer of cotton batting for projects which will be subjected to very high heats (such  as oven mitts and pot holders) to avoid damage to the fabric and to avoid burning or scalding yourself.


As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to the name brand Insul-Bright insulating fabric. Not all insulating fabrics are designed to do the exact same thing, some of them are meant more for heavy duty insulating such as wrapping heat ducts and car exhausts etc.

When deciding which insulating fabric for you, it is best to figure out what your exact needs are and if the brand you are considering does exactly what you need it to. If price is a factor, the options above present varying price points for a product that will produce that same results as insul-bright. When you begin your search for the perfect insulating fabric for your crafting needs, the list above will be a good place to start out.