How To Tell If Seeds Are Good Or Bad?

While it is critical for cannabis growers to utilize all procedures and parameters that they can when trying to achieve a healthy marijuana crop capable of producing an adequate quality and plentiful yield, it is only one of several important steps that the grower will utilize in cultivating this plant. Before starting a new process, one factor that should be factored in is the overall quality of the cannabis seeds.

This is unquestionable. If a grower wants healthy plants, it is imperative that their seeds are healthy. Begin with high-quality seeds, test them before planting, and determine if the effort was worthwhile.

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the higher quality your seeds will be if you use a reliable seed vendor. Here’s how I see it: If you buy medical-grade cannabis from a dispensary and compare it to friends’ basement-grown cannabis, which do you think will make for a better smoke and provide a more enjoyable experience?

Cannabis seeds can be found using the same type of logic applied to other plant seeds. When you break up the weed and layer it into a blunt or bowl, you may find stray seeds mixed in. It is acceptable to grow these seeds, and who knows? Maybe they’ll produce some nice marijuana (with the emphasis on ‘who knows? Maybe…’)

Regardless, you will receive the quality seeds you desire when you purchase seeds from a prestigious seed bank. You can select the exact traits you want from your plants because of this.

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Test the health of cannabis seeds by seeing if they float in water; a simple and inexpensive way to do so. Place your seeds on the surface of a container of clean, ideally distilled water, and let it sit overnight. Wait for them to come back to you within an hour or two. Healthy seeds have been sunken to the bottom of the container.

The floating seeds indicate that they are unhealthy and thus are not worth planting. Before seed germination, perform this test to determine if seeds need to be kept dry.


Generally speaking, seeds of better quality tend to have specific aesthetic properties that are useful in the process of separating them from lower-quality versions. Furthermore, better seeds are almost always packaged with shells that are a darker color, ranging from brown or gray to black. Though most would consider this to be a “tiger print,” it looks like this to me.

If seeds appear green or white, then they have not sprouted, and the resulting plant will most likely be unhealthy. Seeds that are healthier have patterns and spots on their shells.

Another factor that displays the health and vitality of a cannabis seed is that darker and healthier seeds are sometimes harder to come by. The seed should be hard enough to bear the weight and remain intact when placed between your index finger and a thumb.


There are certain physical similarities between all cannabis seeds, but not to the extent that they all look exactly the same. If you can grow seed that you think is viable, it will be light to dark brown in color. Tombstones or headstones with a light green or even whitish color are considered as being undeveloped and should be thrown away. Burl or turtle shell-like patterns are typical on healthy seed.

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The amount of space a seed takes up does not matter—the best seeds are bigger. To sum it up, less is more when it comes to seeds. The lower the number of seeds present in a given amount, like an ounce or a gram, the better the quality of the seeds. Within a species, the largest seeds contain the most energy and are more likely to grow into a productive plant. An indica cannabis strain is typically larger than a sativa one. As a result, make sure the comparison is made on a similar scale.


Even if you are unable to inspect the storage conditions of seeds, knowing this is critical for maintaining seed quality. When it comes to maintaining a steady production of marijuana, the most productive seeds have a shelf life of between 12 and 18 months. Because it was stored in dark, cool, and dry conditions, mold or fungal issues shouldn’t have occurred. Freezing the seeds extends their viability as well, effectively delaying time.


You pay for what you get. Good quality seed is quite expensive (at least when compared to other agricultural seed). However, if inferior seed is being sold at an unreasonably high price, buyer beware.

The varieties below are not an exhaustive list of available strains, as new ones continue to appear on the market that have “normal” traits that are viewed as defects in other varieties. Work the soil, ask growers who know and buy your seeds from a reliable source, and do your research before purchasing seeds.

High Yielding Seeds

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