Top 7 Picks for Google Picasa Desktop Alternative

Google Picasa Desktop Alternative

Picasa is an Image organizer and image viewer which has been around for sixteen years. It was discontinued by Google as announced in 2016. Its discontinuation has resulted in the need to search for alternative programs and applications that can serve similar purposes. For people who are in need of editing tools and as a cloud for storing photos, here are a few Google Picasa desktop alternatives.

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1. Photo Studio Standard

This is a desktop photo organizer which has tools similar to Picassa. If you are searching for editing tools, you will be happy to find all that you need here. It serves you with tools like cropping, making those blemish repair, and sharpening. It has been claimed to be an improvement to Picasa with additional features. This software has been around for a long time, and it has evolved along the way.

2. Google Photos

With Picasa gone with time, Google Photos took its place. Not only can it store your pictures, but it can also help you share it online. Another interesting feature about this application is the tool that recognizes faces, landmarks, and places. It also means that users can use the analyzed data to find more photos. Though, it can be noted that this recognition is dependent on the privacy rules of different countries.

Perhaps it is one of the easier applications for editing and storing pictures. You could store High Quality photos of up to sixteen Megapixels. In addition to the photos, it can also store videos of high resolution. Original Quality is another option for storing your photos and videos. It saves the original resolution of your files, but unlike High Quality, it uses the storage space of the user’s Google account.

As for the editing tools, perhaps compromises the quality offered by something like Picasa. But it isn’t as bad, and it’s actually quite good for simple edits.

3. Flickr

It is excellent for storing and organizing your photos. There is a privacy choice, wherein you are given the option to either share the pictures to a private audience or could share it with the public. An interesting feature that Flickr provides is that you can give somebody you know the permission to organize your photos. Most applications have the options that make a comment possible, but with Flickr, your audience can add notes and tags as well.

Flikr provides you with an ample amount of editing options. You can add filters, sharpen the images, and get creative with a paintbrush. Like most editing apps, Flickr also provides you with a variety of options such as changing the brightness and contrast of your photos. If you are looking for a Google Picasa desktops alternative, Flikr can be a creative option.

4. Photobucket

Photo bucket is yet another awesome alternative to Picasa. You can upload pictures and videos, and these files can be stored in the server. There are around a hundred million users on this website. It has been partnered with Twitter as a platform for sharing photos. One can store, edit, and share the photos. There is an option for third party hosting as well.

On the editing front, it gives options like resizing your pictures. Also, you can create albums and rearrange the images. An interesting feature about Photobucket is that there are billions of images you can look through. Given the basic editing tools, photo bucket can act not just as a photo storing and organizing application, but also as a bank to fetch ideas from. You can easily share the pictures with others in the cloud. This is great, but it is wise to be cautious, or you might accidentally share pictures you don’t want to.

5. FastStone Image Viewer

This image viewer and organizer is specifically for Microsoft Windows and offers a great Google Picasa desktop alternative. It is a program that displays images and works as a cloud wherein you can store your files. Some of the features include the full-screen display and thumbnail display.


This is also a raster graphics editor. Apart from other editing options that one normally finds in almost all applications, GIMP can convert image formats such as BMP to JPEG. An interesting feature of GIMP is that they have a variety of color options. It has built-in color choosers as well. There is also a Blend tool which conveniently applies gradients, thus giving you the color you want.

There are smart tools too, such as the Clone tool and Healing brush which copies pixels to correct the photos. Of course, these are just a few of the many tools we find in GIMP. One can comfortably adapt to GIMP as a Google Picasa desktop alternative.

7. Adobe Photoshop

This program helps you to create and edit images and save them in different formats such as JPEG, PNG, and Gif. It is quite fun, given that one can be creative with GIFS. It can operate on Windows and macOS. It has multiple Photoshop tools. There are more options available, so if one is considering a serious editing venture, this can be a good option. It has the potential of being a great Picasa alternative.

There are many categories for editing, such as drawing, measuring and navigation, and retouching. Some of the tools one can effectively make use of are pen tool, slicing tool, and marquee. There are more options. This is rather an improvement to Picasa, and thus, we have a very interesting alternative here. Just another cherry on the top could perhaps be the 3D extrusion. 2D pieces of work can be worked into 3D. To end this, let me add a fun fact. The word “photoshop” which has become the darling of our space is birthed from Adobe Photoshop.

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These are few of the many alternatives to Picasa desktop. Picasa desktop served as a great program to people who work with photos. With the effort of many people around the globe, we are endowed with good quality applications and tools that can still support the passion for working on pictures.