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Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative [Resolved]

Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative

Pens are a writing instrument that are used every day by billions of people across the world. We use them to write our grocery lists, our homework and our love letters. But here’s the problem with your typical, everyday pen that you would buy at Walmart … They often leak when exposed to slightly different temperatures, or if they are held upside down for too long.

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Regular, everyday pens also have been known to dry out after time, which can pose as a bit of a nuisance to people who only use their pens every three to six months, because when they do need to use them the ink is all dried out.

A man named Paul C. Fisher sought something more from his pens. Already being a big name in the pen industry, he knew what people were looking for from a good pen and wanted to offer his customers the absolute best, so he created the space pen.

Originally, despite the common misconception that this pen was specifically designed for astronauts for use in outer space, Price created this pen simply because he wanted to make a pen that didn’t leak. What he ended up creating was something that would be talked about for decades afterwards.

The fisher space pen was a remarkable invention when it was patented and put into production back in the late 1960’s. It is still used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. Looking at it, if you don’t know what it is, you might think that this is just a common fancy pen, one like you might find at a high-end lawyer’s office or a bank. But this pen was and still is today a groundbreaking invention that millions of people buy and use every day.

While the design for this pen seems relatively simple, a lot has gone into this pen to make it the first pen ever to defy gravity. The Fisher Space pen works to write on any surface, at any angle and in any condition, and it does this by using the power of air! This pen operates using a pressurized ink cartridge. This means that gravity will have no effect on the pen working. The fact that the ink is housed in a pressurized cartridge means that it will not dry out or leak because the cartridge is entirely sealed.

Back when space travel was ‘taking flight’ in the 50’s and 60’s, astronauts used to have to write with pencils when they were in the zero gravity conditions found in space. After Paul Fisher was done completing what he believed to be the perfect pen, he approached NASA and had seven of his pens sent up with their astronauts for testing in zero gravity conditions.

Because the Fisher Space pen is such a specialized item, that means that the pressurized ink cartridges that are sold to refill the pen when you run out can be quite costly to purchase, and there is only a limited number of colors and styles available to purchase. Thankfully, a few companies capitalized on the need for a cheaper alternative in the marketplace and now offer pressurized ink refill cartridges that are compatible with the Fisher space pen.

Schmidt P950 MegaLine

Schmidt P950 MegaLine - Black Ink
  • Schmidt MegaLine Gas Pressurized Refill. This is really cutting edge refill technology.
  • Writes in Extreme Conditions without any problems and with Unlimited Shelf Life!
  • Fits all types of pens that use Parker style refills.

Schmidt makes a good alternative to the Fisher Space pen refills. These ink cartridge refills are made in Germany and distributed by a company in the USA. They are available through amazon and can be shipped to most countries. Although they are only available in two colors, these are a high-quality product and make an excellent alternative to brand name fisher space pen refills. They come at a fair price and appear to work just as effectively as the space pen refills.

Just like the Fisher space pen, these ballpoint pen refills have an unlimited shelf life and will allow you to write in any conditions from -30 to 250 degrees F, which means that they will never dry out on you or leave you wanting for a pen that works properly.

Parker Ballpoint Pressurized Ink Refill Cartridges

Parker Ball Point Pen Refills, Medium Point, Black Ink, Pack...
  • These refills are Genuine, in their Original Parker Plastic Tube or in Blister.
  • Each refill brims with Quink proprietary ink formula promising optimal performance
  • Count on consistent ink flow for smooth writing.

This is another company that offers a viable option for a Fisher Space Pen refill alternative. These pen refills are by far the most budget friendly of all the options available online, and they work just as well as the original. Designed with user friendliness in mind, these refills won’t require you to trim or modify anything in order to use it with your space pen like some of the other companies that offer refills that they claim to be compatible with the brand.

Like all good pens, these cartridges write smoothly and come in a variety of options to suit each individual customer. Whether you like to write with a fine tip or a bold tip, you will be able to find the right refill for you with a Parker Pressurized ink Cartridge.


While there are not many companies that offer an alternative to the Fisher space pen refills, the companies that do offer them appear to supply a high-quality option that won’t take a huge hit out of your wallet.  The options above offer all of the same benefits as a Fisher Space Pen refill such as smooth ink flow, multiple point and color options as well as providing different sized packages. You can buy one at a time, or you can buy up to 6 (Parker brand only).

These pens will ensure that you have something to write with wherever you go, whether it be out in space, underwater or on top of a mountain with two feet of snow on it and 20 below zero. With the options above you will never have to be stuck writing with a pencil ever again. If you find yourself looking for a pressurized refill for your space pen, the options above will be a good place to start.

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