Fabric Pots For Autoflower?

Smart Pots and Air-Pots are botanically engineered growing containers that work together to enable plants to grow bigger, faster, and with greater yield. Smart Pots provide a highly-nutritious growing medium, and Air-Pots deliver controlled aeration to roots in low oxygen environments. Put them together, and you have the ideal container for growing hydroponic plants indoors or outdoors. Add a little light, water, nutrients and love, and watch your garden grow.

Smart Pots, Air-Pots, and Root Pouches are designed to give plants the ideal environment to grow. They’re made from a blend of natural materials like coco fiber and peat moss that promote healthy root growth, which ultimately leads to a more substantial harvest. Smart pots are also easy to transplant into soil once they’ve filled up, so growers can reuse them for successive harvests.

Air-Pots and Smart Pots are specifically engineered to support a plant’s root system in a healthy way, boosting oxygenation as well as drainage. Unlike normal pots, these innovative designs allow for an increased surface area of soil along the sides and bottom of the pot, giving roots extra room to grow.

Containers have exploded in popularity over the last decade, and for good reason. Whether you’re an indoor grower or prefer your cannabis to be grown outside, they can be an effective tool in providing harvests all year long. They are portable and affordable; for the space you have, you get to decide how much food you will get out of it.

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So, what are air-pots and smart-pots?

Growing weed is an art. The more difficult the strain, the more factors you must tweak and adjust to optimize its growth. And this is no less true for growing in a pot than it is for a plant in the ground. The vast majority of growers cultivate good weed in normal plastic pots all the time, because they are cheap, easy to find and versatile. But if you want to dial in and make that extra step from “good” to “great,” then you have two options: grow hydroponically, or upgrade your growing containers.

Smart Pots and Air-Pots are designed to utilize plant roots as a natural system of temperature measurement. By placing the pot over the plant in the correct position, the roots feel the heat from an artificial heat source or respond to changes in air temperature. This is similar to how we as humans use our hands to feel the change in temperature on a hot day.

Smart Pot and Air-Pot containers are designed to aid in all phases of plants growth. The Smart Pot “ribs” allow the roots of your plants to penetrate the walls of the container as they grow larger, which increases the efficiency of water and nutrient uptake, resulting in healthier, fuller plants.

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Smart pots

Smart Pots, or fabric pots, solve a lot of the problems that traditional growing containers have. These vessels are built with a sturdy fabric that stores the growing medium securely. The material contains thousands of tiny pores that allow air to flow through and excess water to drain through. Smart Pots are available in several different sizes and cater to both small-scale home operations and large commercial operations.

Air pots

The Air-Pot is a series of strong plastic containers with hundreds of larger holes lining the sides and base. The exposure to open air gives huge quantities of oxygen to the roots of plants (which plays a vital role in plant physiology and photosynthesis). Oxygen is a critical component in photosynthesis, which allows plants to breathe. By placing them in the Air-Pot, you’re increasing the amount of oxygen they can absorb.

Instead of growing straight down, roots begin to grow sideways after exposure to the open air. This phenomenon is called air-pruning. This keeps roots organized and unconstrained.

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Are fabric pots beneficial to growing cannabis?

These containers are so smart you’ll want to shout it from the roof tops! The features have been engineered to give growers a cost effective container that performs better than its competitors. Whether you’re into gardening, orchids, or succulents, Smart Pots are sure to win your heart.

Heat stress: It is when the temperature in the room that you cultivate your plants reaches 36-40°C that you have a serious problem. Heat causes all kinds of problems, because it endangers the health of your plants, and may completely ruin an entire crop! Smart Pots use a smart fabric to create a controlled-environment pot that keeps roots healthy and producing more vigorous growth.

Eco-friendly: You no longer need to use expensive plastic to grow your plants or purchase new pots every year. You’ll save money, have less trash and be better for the environment! Smart Pots are reusable and recyclable.

Hydroponics: Smart Pots are passive wicking planters designed for growing in soil, soilless mix or hydroponic systems. Smart Pots are ideal for ebb n flow systems and can be used with water, nutrient solutions or a combination of the two.

Outdoors: Hiding away your prized plants is no longer an option. You can now grow sativas as tall as trees in the comfort of your own home thanks to Smart Pots! These fabric pots come in a variety of sizes to satisfy any grower’s needs. The largest Smart Pots, which are perfect for organic growing, can even transform into miniature ecosystems by housing companion species along with cannabis.

Drainage: Root rot is devastatingly destructive to grow indoors, killing off many beginner growers and disintegrating even the most experienced cultivators. Plastic and ceramic pots are breeding grounds for the fungal species that cause root rot, and even slight over watering can cause pooling and encourage anaerobic bacteria.

Fabric pots are built from porous material that permits water to pass through it effortlessly. They prevent water pools in the base and let excess water drain out of the sides, so the roots stay well-watered and the risk of root rot and nutrient lockout from over-watering is reduced.

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