Alternative to Fitbit [Comparable Fitness Trackers]

Alternative to Fitbit [Comparable Fitness Trackers]

So, your looking for a cheap fitness tracker with heart rate monitor as an alternative to overpriced Fitbit activity trackers? Luckily, there are some excellent proportionate solutions for fitness monitors, helping you stay motivated by tracking your daily activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep patterns, thus improving your overall health. When looking for quality Fitbit […]

Alternative to Airpods

Alternative to Airpods [Best Comparable Ear Buds]

Due to man’s ever increasing demand for sophisticated tools in the digital world, Apple as they always do, had to come up with the gradual development of the Apple Airpod as part of their Apple products stream. This article therefore, gives a quantitative analysis, explanation as well as good review of the Apple Airpod alternatives. […]

10 Best Alternatives to Apple Pencil Stylus? [Solved]

Apple Pencil Alternative? Comparable 1st Gen & 2 iPad Stylus?

So, your getting sick and tired of paying Apple’s eye watering prices and want a good alternative to their Apple Pencil? Let me stat by saying that the Apple stylus (1st & 2nd generation) is specifically designed to operate with Apple products including iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3 and standard iPad, and does a […]

Alternative to TV Ears

Alternative to TV Ears [Solved]

When a member of a family is hard of hearing, things as small as the volume of the television can become a problem. If the volume is at a normal range, the hard of hearing family member cannot enjoy the entertainment. If it is turned up loud enough for them to hear, it may hurt […]

Alternative Cell Phone Plans

Alternative Cell Phone Plans [Resolved]

Tired of spending too much on cell phone plans? Getting an alternative cell phone plans at a minimum cost is not difficult to find. You can save serious money and avail unlimited talk, text and data plans starting from $10 or even lesser by switching to alternative providers like Mint Sim, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, […]

Alternative Cell Phone Carriers

Alternative Cell Phone Carriers [Cheaper Options]

These days it’s almost as if the world runs on cell phones, In fact I don’t know a single adult person that doesn’t own a cell phone. For most people in the modern world, they are our clocks,  our grocery lists, our calendars, and essentially our computers too when we’re on the go. Our Top […]

Why is Biomass a Better Alternative to Natural Gas

Why is Biomass a Better Alternative to Natural Gas

Without fuel, this world wouldn’t be what it is today. All the scientific and technological advancements that have made life more comfortable and convenient have been a direct or indirect result of using fuel. However, the flip-side of this progress has been the adverse impact on the climate and the dwindling amount of fuel reserves […]

KW1 Water Filter Alternative

KW1 Water Filter Alternative [Filtering For Tomorrow]

Portable water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning is a necessity and you should make sure you arrange a suitable water filtration system for your home. Filtering water to remove dirt, chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and other impurities provide an improvement in the taste and smell of water and most importantly removes pathogenic micro-organisms that contaminate the […]