Zucchini Benefits and Side Effects [Nutrition Information]

Zucchini benefits and side effects: Dating back to 7000 B. C., zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) is native to Central and South America. Sometimes called by the nickname Italian Squash, zucchini was brought to North America by its southern neighbors. Early European explorers introduced zucchini to Italy and other countries in Europe. Italians initially grew zucchini for their sweet, edible blossoms, later ...  Continue

Rose Geranium Plant – Where to Buy?

Where to buy Rose Geranium Plants: The Pelargonium (geraniums) genus contains over 200 individual species, and enthusiastic gardeners are cross-breeding like crazy, adding to the numerous cultivars already introduced to the genre. This South African in origin scented geranium is very popular throughout the world, including the US, EU, Australia and UK.

Unfortunately you may struggle to find the specialized scented leaf pelargonium on sale at your local gardening store, due to their complex range ...  Continue

All-Natural “Green” Skin Care Products from Your Pantry

A few months ago, a friend wrote a blog post warning about the unknown dangers of the synthetic chemical substances we use every day to clean ourselves. At the time, I was using ProActiv Solution’s four-step system to treat my acne. It had helped, but did not cure my acne. Also, I suffered from Rosacea, a condition where facial skin becomes easily irritated, flaky, and red. ProActiv did not help this condition.

My friend shared several suggestions for natural alternatives to chemical cleansing ...  Continue

Top Self Tanning Lotions Plus, How to Make Your Own

Are you looking to get that perfect tan this summer? We all know that the sun and the tanning beds are very bad for our skin. They cause wrinkles, cancer, sagging skin, aging, eye damage, and some skin conditions like itchy skin, dry skin, and even blotchy skin spots. We would all love to have that nice Hollywood looking tan without having any of these conditions, but what can we use as a healthier alternative?

Is there a safer way of getting a nice natural looking tan? Yes, there are 4 alternatives ...  Continue

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Summer BBQ

I love going to picnics where the host cares about the environment, and where I can steal some ideas from. Here is what I have found in my few participation’s in a green summer BBQ’s.

Decorations – we must start with eco friendly decorations, use natural fiber umbrellas to shield your guest, use anything natural from the garden for streamers and center pieces, string flowers together to make streamers.

Flatware – Use reusable picnic ware, go green and eco friendly.

Invitations ...  Continue

Qualify for Federal Assistance when Making Your Eco-friendly Purchases

Oil, gasoline and often electricity are dependent on traditional, non-renewable energy. These sources worked well and efficiently for decades however, with the declining state of both the environment and the economy, even the government is realizing that we must embrace environmentally friendly alternatives to become both financially and environmentally solvent.

You may think that the act of going green carries with it a lot of upfront costs. Especially since green technology is comparably new ...  Continue

5 Ways to Go Green for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it is the perfect time to go green. But that doesn’t mean just switching to reusable bags and taking shorter showers. Going green can be a fun endeavor. Try some of the following ideas to go green for spring.

1. Take a spring “Eco-break.” Do you have fond memories of spring vacations? Make some new memories at an Eco-friendly resort. Costa Rica has a number of great options ...  Continue

Breville Smart Oven Air Alternative

Breville Smart Oven Air Alternative: Mini ovens are ideal for a number of reasons. Whether you simply don’t have space or need a full one in your home, or you’re a regular traveler and need something to fit into your motor-home or caravan, they can make life so much easier.

There is much to consider before you take the plunge and buy one, from size to capacity to features. Fortunately, not only have we reviewed and narrowed down the best mini ovens available, we’ve also put together ...  Continue

Cheaper Alternative To Plexus Slim [Comparable Brands]

Alternative To Plexus Slim

Plexus slim is all the rage right now. There are so many people who have used it and make convincing arguments on its validity. As a matter of fact there are tons of before and after pictures on the internet with hundreds of testimonials. For anyone who has gained a few pounds and are feeling lethargic in their day to day life, Plexus slim presents itself as a magic bullet, the miracle cure.

What is plexus slim?

Also known as the Pink Drink, plexus slim is a dietary supplement that helps to lose weight. You can ...  Continue