Alternative to Acrylic Nails [Comparable Replacements]

Best Alternative to Acrylic Nails

So, you’d love to have longer-looking and stronger-feeling nails, are sick and tired of cheap stick on acrylic nails and want to use an alternative beauty product? Acrylics are the worlds most popular nail accessory but have suffered a wave of bad press in recent times due to the perception they easily break, promote finger infections and also the possibility of them damaging your natural nails.

Acrylic nails work by creating a hard (sometimes brittle) protective layer on your nails ...  Continue

Samsung Galaxy Watch Alternative [A Clear Winner]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Alternative

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. You will probably see several people around you using a smartwatch. Are you wondering why it’s useful to use a smartwatch and what is the best Samsung Galaxy watch alternative? There are several reasons. For example, with such a device, you will quickly be aware of phone calls and messages.

In addition, you will receive the necessary updates, so that you don’t forget important appointments. Such a watch even makes you aware of your ...  Continue

Alternative to Airpods [Best Comparable Ear Buds]

Due to man’s ever increasing demand for sophisticated tools in the digital world, Apple as they always do, had to come up with the gradual development of the Apple Airpod as part of their Apple products stream. This article therefore, gives a quantitative analysis, explanation as well as good review of the Apple Airpod alternatives.

It also highlights the differences the Apple Airpod has with other similar Airpods. There is a little difference between the first and the second-generation Airpods ...  Continue

Best Foods For Chest Infections [Health Advice]

We’ve all been through a chest infection before, even if it’s a cold. Or at least, those of us who lack infection-fighting superpowers. The raspy throat, endless coughs, lethargy, and fever are a nightmare for anyone. It is not the worst illness out there, but it sure does take the spark out of you.

We are what we eat, and even when we take medication for chest infections we can also help our body fight by eating food that strengthens our immunity. Nature has provided us with some great ...  Continue

Best Food for Low Iron [Boost Intake]

Have you been feeling lethargic lately, irritable and dizzy? Is your skin pale and your nails brittle? Well then, seems like you could be a little iron deficient. Even if you’re not experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to keep track of your iron intake so that you do not reach such a stage.

Iron is a major component of a compound called hemoglobin in the blood, which helps transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Low hemoglobin levels can be caused by low iron intake ...  Continue

Best Food For Joints And Bones [ Answered ]

As you grow older, you start to appreciate the decisions made earlier in life.  When it comes to health, your bones shout the loudest.

Human bones develop maximum density in the early twenties, and from there bone loss can occur if you do not take good care of yourself. As you age, the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions increases. Fortunately, there are lots of foods that are great for maintaining healthy bones and keeping bone loss at bay.

Best Foods For Your Bones And Joints

According to the ...  Continue

Best Food for Bad Stomach [Simple Answer]

The other night I was getting some sharp tummy pains, along with strange grumbling and mumbling sounds. I needed something to help settle things down and wondered if any food could sooth my discomfort?  However, I didn’t have a clue about the best foods for bad stomachs, and jumped online to do some research.

With my ever increasing abdominal pain, and swollen belly ready to burst, I needed to find a solution quick.  Frantically opening website, after website they were ...  Continue

Is Cereal Bad For You At Night? [Midnight Munchies]

Having a nighttime snack before bed is almost a ritual for most people.  After a long day at work, you feel that it is well deserved. Also, you do not want to wake up later in the night hungry and probably lose your sleep over it.

However, you may also wonder whether eating that bowl of cereal before bed is good for you. This is a good question because what you eat at night affects your sleep directly as well as your overall health in the long run. Read on to find out whether eating cereal at ...  Continue

Best Way to Eat Kale for Nutrients [Kale Recipes]

Kale is the new black… right?

I coach my clients to crowd out other foods with green foods. Actually, that’s the very first thing that we discuss! Clients that aren’t familiar with leafy green vegetables and other glorious green foods should explore the produce section in their grocery.

Lately I’ve seen so many varieties of Kale at regular grocery stores: curly, ornamental, and dinosaur. It’s so fun to touch these different varieties and feel the difference between the textures.

So what’s the big deal about Kale?

On one hand, Kale has ...  Continue

How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently Using Home Remedies

How to get rid of pimples permanently using home remedies: At one point, all of us tried to find ways to be completely acne-free. Here are some natural and not so natural acne treatments that have proven effective.

1. Witch Hazel Astringent

This astringent comes from the plant of the same name. It is widespread from Nova Scotia in Canada to Texas and Florida. Just steam the branches of this plant and voila! The extract you get from it serves as an astringent. But remember to cool it. The good thing ...  Continue