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Simple Earth Day Promises

Simple Earth Day Promises

There are many reasons to celebrate Earth Day, whether it be an opportunity to clean up your community, increase awareness of environmental issues, or simply take a moment to enjoy our beautiful planet. This year, there are some easy changes I’ll be making in honor of Earth Day. Try implementing these into your daily routine, […]

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Portraiture Photography Definition [Portraiture Meaning Explained]

Portraiture Photography Definition

When confronted with the concept of portraiture, most people immediately cringe and think of the unflattering high school portraits. While a traditional portrait and its offshoot, the head-shot  are certainly one type of portraiture, there are a myriad other kinds as well. And a capable photographer can always create a graceful, traditional portrait. Other types […]

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Building A Wind Turbine From Scratch [Off Grid DIY]

Building A Wind Turbine From Scratch

This DIY wind turbine tutorial will do much more than just tell you how to build a wind turbine.  You will discover how the wind is green energy that for many seems unreachable, being the most complex form of green energy that we have.  However, through the guidance within this page, you will have your […]

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Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative [Resolved]

Fisher Space Pen Refill Alternative

Pens are a writing instrument that are used every day by billions of people across the world. We use them to write our grocery lists, our homework and our love letters. But here’s the problem with your typical, everyday pen that you would buy at Walmart … They often leak when exposed to slightly different […]

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Best Insul Bright Alternative [Heat Resistant Review]

Insul Bright Alternative

Have you ever wondered what keeps your hands from getting burned when you are using pot holders and oven mitts? Most people just assume that it is just regular cotton batting inside of the oven mitts or potholders that offer the heat resistant protection that we often take for granted, but that is usually far […]

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Top 3 Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

Aerogarden Grow Sponge Alternative

Starting a garden can be a difficult task. It can be even more difficult when you choose to begin from just seeds and soil inside your home. With this difficulty comes great satisfaction in the successful green sprouts, however, so it is still a route that many gardeners choose to follow. #1 Recommended Seed Starter […]

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Amazon Music Storage Alternative [Answered]

Amazon Music Storage Alternative

If you are into and up-to-date on the latest technology at all you’ll know that it seems that all the big-name companies have come out with their version of what used to be a far off and futuristic concept, Automated Smart home systems. 15 years ago, you used to turn on your TV and watch […]

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Top 7 Picks for Google Picasa Desktop Alternative

Google Picasa Desktop Alternative

Picasa is an Image organizer and image viewer which has been around for sixteen years. It was discontinued by Google as announced in 2016. Its discontinuation has resulted in the need to search for alternative programs and applications that can serve similar purposes. For people who are in need of editing tools and as a […]

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