Alternative to Air Mattress [Comparable & Similar Beds]

From whoopee cushions to water balls, earth dwellers have always found a way to use air to simply have fun. Air also helps us in our sports, shipping containers and marketing, but this guide is for those who need a comfy, convenient bed to sleep on.

You might call it an air mattress, blow-up bed, air bed, or sleeping pad depending on which part of the universe you come from, but they are all basically the same thing – an inflatable mattress. These inflatable beds use air in one or more chambers ...  Continue

Best Cooler Box for Camping – 2019 Review

Cooler Box for Camping

Have you planned a nice camping trip with your family or with friends? Then it’s a good idea to have a cooler box. In addition to trips, a cooler box is also handy to take with you fishing or simply to keep in the car for snacks and drinks en route. Do you want to know what the best cooler is this year? We’ll help you find the best model throughout this article.

Best camping cooler boxes

Many different cool boxes are offered, but it is important to choose a model based on your needs. View the table below ...  Continue

Best Knife for Camping and Hiking [Fixed Vs Folding Blades]

When you’re out camping or hiking, having a pocket knife is handy. You’ll need it for different tasks to cut a piece of rope, to cut a stick, open a box. In an emergency, a pocket knife can be a lifesaver. I’d encourage you to keep a knife with you at all times.

Excellent all round camping knife:

Different kinds of knives

A knife is something that has a blade that you can cut with. I don’t mean swords or daggers or things like that. The blade should be four inches or shorter.

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Best Camping Lights for Tents [Electric Vs Propane]

A camping light is very handy for general use. You can either sit it on the table or hang it from somewhere. A good place to hang it is the shelter where you set up your kitchen. Sometimes we’ll set up a kitchen underneath a permanent shelter, other times we use a ten-by-ten pop-up shelter. Either way, the shelter is used to provide protection from the sun and the rain.

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Best Crops To Grow In The Apocalypse [Prepper Gardening]

Preparing the land appropriately is in all probability one of the most vital steps to a thriving vegetable garden. An infertile land or a land with too many stones and non-putrid matter may make it difficult to cultivate plants and even if they grow, they might not bear any produce.

Awesome all-in-one survival tool kit:

Growing a prepper garden takes hard work, perseverance, and knowledge.

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7 Hand-picked Craigslist Alternative For Hookups

You know you can count on craigslist when you want a hookup pronto. It is one of the most popular yet notorious places on the internet where you can search and find just about anything. Unfortunately, all this stopped with the passing of the country’s Senate bill H.R 1865 in march 2018. This was passed in order to fight sex trafficking as adult websites with personal sections are widely used by criminals.

Here are some pretty cool craigslist alternative for hookups to compensate for the absence ...  Continue

Best Coleman Tent Alternative [Camping Gear Review]

Best Coleman tent alternative: In any type of weather, you can make the best of your outdoors time with the best tents for car camping, private outings, and for family and friends camping, there’ s no mystery that camping is excellent for your health. There is sometimes no more powerful pick-me-up for the stresses of contemporary life than being out in the countryside, either for a time alone or with relatives or friends.

Good all-rounder for under $100

To do so comfortably, you are deserving of ...  Continue