3 Bleach Alternative for Hair [Health & Style]

3 Bleach Alternative for Hair [Health & Style]

These days it seems like everybody and their sister is lightning their hair in one way or another whether they are lightening their whole head of hair or just looking to go for a natural highlight. The problem with bleach is that it’s actually really, really bad for your hair. It dries out your hair and it tends to make it brittle.

On average, you’re going to lose about a half-inch or so off the length and about a handful of strands of hair every time you bleach your hair just because of the damage that it does. While bleached hair ( or whatever color you use after bleaching) often looks very nice, the chemicals the bleach is laden with can seep into your skin and cause you to have issues down the road.

Bleaching your hair is notorious for causing your scalp to dry out too, which is another downside to using the harsher bleaching kits on the market.

What if there were a less harmful alternative to using the harsh bleaching chemicals that are available on the market these days, would you try it? Here are our top 3 comparable alternatives.

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Well as it turns out there are plenty of natural alternatives to the typical bleach kits out there on the market, many of these products aren’t nearly as likely to cause as much damage to your locks.

One tried and true bleach alternative for hair, one which can lighten your hair dramatically without the use of bleach or chemicals, is good old fashioned lemon juice and sunshine. This method takes quite a bit of dedication on your part because you have to continually repeat the process to get the very light results, unless you already have naturally light hair. Using lemon juice to lighten your hair you can either lighten your entire head or you can just use it to put some streaks into your hair. The results really all depend on how much lemon juice you use and where you put it on your head.

For this method all you do is soak your hair in the lemon juice where you want it to be lighter and leave it to soak. You can either just let it dry into your hair and wash it out which will produce a mild lightening effect, or you can set yourself outside in the sun for a half hour to an hour then rinse the lemon juice out and you should be left with significantly lighter hair.

Although the lemon juice method works relatively well it may not give you the lightning effects that you’ve been looking for, especially since it doesn’t always work on darker hair colours. There are several products available online that may yield better results.

1. Klorane Sun Lightening System

Klorane Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile &...

This shampoo, conditioner and spray with chamomile and honey are just a few natural products that you can use instead of bleach to lighten your hair. Instead of using peroxide the Klorane Sun lightening system uses the power of nature, using ingredients such as chamomile, honey, and lemon juice to lighten your hair. These ingredients will help to subtly and gradually turn your hair a lighter shade.


This stuff is so easy to use!  For the shampoo and conditioner all you do is wash and condition according to the directions on the bottles for lightening results. For the spray, much like the lemon method for lighter hair, you just spray it where ever you want it lighter, then comb it through your hair and let it dry while it works it’s magic!


2. Sun Bum Blonde Formula Hair Lightener

Sun Bum Blonde Formula Hair Lightener, 4 oz...

Sun Bum blond formula hair lightener is a budget friendly hair lightening product that works by gently and gradually bleaching hair using the power of the sun. Although it does contain a bit peroxide, it has significantly less peroxide than most of the boxed bleach kits that you will find in stores.


Sun Bum hair lightener spray is free of Parabens and Phthalates and it is made with ingredients that will lighten your hair without causing the damage that bleach kits are notorious for.  Enriched with Hawaiian Lehua honey, Costa Rican pineapple, and Meyer Lemon, this stuff is actually activated by uv rays and works with the sun to help you achieve that bleachy blonde look.


3. Colora Henna Powder

Colora Henna Powder, Natural

While this product wont turn naturally dark hair to blonde it will help to lighten hair that is medium brown to light blonde, as well as bring out any underlying highlights, and you can continue to use it to go basically as light as you want.


Being made out of natural ingredients, this henna powder really brings out the lighter tones in your hair without damaging it at all like mainstream bleach kits are known for doing.  Henna hair dye is famous for its nourishing qualities, so instead of causing un needed damage, it will gently color your hair by wrapping it in earthy goodness. Instead of penetrating the hair shaft like most boxed dyes and bleach kits, henna actually wraps your hair in the ‘dye’ leaving it coated. This leaves your hair feeling thick and healthy instead of thin and damaged.



The products listed above will not likely give you platinum blonde hair unless you are already starting with extremely light blonde hair, however, they will give you a nice natural color boost. If you use them consistently you will see more lightening effects over time than you would if you were just using them every so often.

The benefits to using bleach alternatives are numerous and by trying these alternatives you could be preventing lifelong damage to your cherished locks.

If your goal is to lighten your hair enough to add a bright color over top, or if you are just looking to go a shade or two lighter without resorting to using boxed lightening kits than the above products are definitely well worth giving a try.