Best Strains For Tropical Climate?

In the right environment, owners can grow tropical strains of marijuana as easily as they would a backyard tomato plant. Indoor cultivation of marijuana is the right method for growers in tropical or sub-tropical regions, but it does present unique challenges that growers in other regions don’t face.

Tropical climates offer the perfect environment in which cannabis plants can flourish. But despite their tropical environment, they have experienced some issues with light cycles and rain levels. However, if growers can learn to deal with these problems appropriately, they can grow huge plants in a tropical climate.

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Problems grower face in tropical regions?

Growing the tropics is not exactly like growing in other places. In fact, you’ll find that most tropical plants prefer the humid, shaded conditions of a greenhouse. It will present your plants with a few problems if you grow them in direct sunlight. If you’re tired of struggling with traditional gardening methods, growing in a greenhouse may be just what you need.

It is typically recommended that the cannabis plants are grown in 18/6 light cycle during the vegetative period and 6/12 during the flowering period to get the best results. Some cannabis growers move their plants to a 12/12 day/night cycle early in order to artificially force the flowering stage, but since tropical environments already have a year-round constant 12/12 light cycle, this should prove to be unnecessary.

The cannabis plant is an annual flowering herb. As such, they will naturally enter the flowering stage—if grown in tropical areas—when they have reached a certain age and because of this, a certain number of nodes. In addition, if you want to eliminate the need for a light cycle altogether, consider starting with auto-flowering strains.

The most important thing you should look for when growing tropical weed strains is humidity. Even in the tropics, humidity can be inconsistent, and without proper upkeep, you’ll end up with mouldy bud. Of course, if rain falls on top of the plant, keep in mind that some water is essential. But if it can’t be avoided, shake the plant and fur when you can to remove excess moisture. This will prevent mould from growing on or around the leaves of the plant.

Best tropical cannabis strains?

When trying to decide which tropical weed strains are best, gardeners usually find that sativa strains offer an additional level of savoriness. Although originating from tropical areas such as Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand, sativa varieties are also known for their intense flavors. Using the genetic work of crossing specific strains together, it will be possible to create marijuana that grows on its own schedule regardless of external triggers.

Sativa strains have a tendency to become quite tall and leafy, with space between the flowers, even if you’re growing them in the middle of a rainforest. This ventilation allows for airflow around the plants, meaning they’re less likely to be affected by pesky mould or fungi.

Cannabis planted in the tropics often grow much larger than those growing in less tropical climates and as such can be really difficult to manage. The wind is a lot stronger on the plains of the tropics and when the monsoon comes, even more so. It’s best to tie down any plants that might be affected by such high winds, so they do not break or fall over.

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Here are the top 5 tropical strains:

  1. Amnesia Fast
  2. Bruce Banger Fast
  3. Badazz OG Cheese
  4. Mama Thai
  5. Durban Poison

Amnesia Fast

Amnesia FastThis wonderful new strain of marijuana is a cross between Amnesia and a secret hybrid. It’s extremely potent and produces more than abundant red, purple and green buds with that famous Amnesia smell. The high THC levels leave you happy and the body buzzed. This strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica.

Amnesia FAST grows to a height of between 100 – 150 cm. tall. It can grow a bit taller if planted into the ground, and a little shorter if grown in pots. When grown indoors, it takes between 55-60 days to flower, followed by about 1-2 weeks for the buds to dry and cure. This strain produces around 500-600 gr/m2.

This strain, although similar to the original Amnesia, has a distinctly fruity aroma with floral undertones. THC levels have been measured at 20 – 23% for a very potent but balanced effect. The high is uplifting and creative.

Bruce Banger Fast

Bruce Banger FastA very popular hybrid strain, its effects are powerful and long lasting. The taste is smooth and the buzz is a heady mix of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. Friendly, fast and upbeat, this effect has been bred to produce dense nugs that pack a real punch.

Bruce Banger is a cross between Strawberry Diesel and an OG Kush strain. With a pungent diesel scent emanating from its Strawberry parent, and an exhilarating high typical of its Kush lineage, Bruce Banger offers consumers a fast-acting, powerful alternative to the traditional diesel varieties.

The classic strains have a loyal following and for good reason. This strain is no exception, with a 75 percent sativa dominance and all of the original flavors expected from well-bred cannabis, this strain is no surprise on why it is so highly sought after. When smoked or vaporized, Bruce Banger delivers a relaxing body hash high that spreads throughout your entire body. Some say the strain tastes like pumpkins.

Badazz OG Cheese

Badazz OG CheeseBadazz OG Cheese is the result of a cross between iconic strains. It’s an essential addition to your seed collection. It’s rare to find a strain that has as much hype and reputation as Badazz OG Cheese. Although it was a cross of two famous strains, the resulting plant is one of the most potent and delicious-smelling strains ever created.

Badazz OG Cheese is a potent hybrid strain that crosses Badazz OG and Cheese. The Cheese genetics enhance its potency and yield while retaining the traditional elements of Badazz OG. The Badazz OG Cheese strain is a classic plant that has been revamped with new genetics. It’s a dense plant that delivers high yields for patients.

This strain allows you to enjoy the best of both herb worlds. Badazz OG Cheese retains the strong Diesel taste while also providing a flavor that is reminiscent of its Cheese parent. With hints of tropical fruit and melon, Badazz OG Cheese is a delicious hybrid that is perfect for any time of the day.

Badazz OG Cheese’s high cannabinoid content and potent aroma makes it a great candidate for extracting—especially if you’re looking to make a potent batch. Originally bred in Southern California, this sativa is perfect for growing outdoors and indoors, since it adapts to its environment with ease.

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Mama Thai

Mama ThaiMama Thai isn’t a high-yielding cannabis strain, but it tastes so great it’s frequently called the best tasting cannabis strain. Whether you’re looking for a fast flowering cannabis strain or simply just want to enjoy a more potent taste, look no further. Mama Thai is a cross between three Sativa strains that were aiming to produce an equally potent and tasty cannabis strain as the “Mother”. Our sativa-dominant mama thai retains all of the other exceptional qualities that have come to expect from a Thai Sativa.

Flowering takes between 11 to 14 weeks to mature. It is a strong marijuana strain with a 22% THC content, which delivers a clear, cerebral effect. It is quite stable and easy to grow even with limited experience. A greenhouse will still help the strain mature.  Mamas Thai produces sticky buds with pungent, spicy, and her THC levels range from a whopping 18%-21% making her one of our most potent strains.

This strain is very easy to grow, without any real limitations other than a short vegetative period and long flowering time. Mama Thai is a strain with its roots free of anything that might restrict it from growing into a plant full of buds. These buds have an airy and fluffy texture that reefer enthusiasts the world over have already fallen in love with.

Durban Poison

Durban PoisonDurban Poison is a fast, fun and easy plant to grow. She can grow to over 40 inches in height (or more) and has an elongated bud structure, making it perfect for SCROG or LST techniques. This is definitely a strain that every cannabis connoisseur should try!

Durban Poison is a sativa-dominant strain that blends the best qualities of Durban and Skunk, creating a floral and lemony-tasting herb with a long-lasting high. This easy-growing plant is perfect for new growers, but those with more experience will also enjoy its bountiful yields.

Durban Poison grows into a tall plant with long leaves. When growing indoors, Durban Poison produces approximately 400 – 500 gr/m2 in an 8 – 9 week flowering period. It’s buds become extremely dense with a large coat of sticky resin. The flowers occasionally display some purple coloration.

A fruity and floral strain with a hint of anise, this is a potent sativa. It’s good for focus and motivation in the morning as it is an uplifting, cerebral strain. The strain is a combination of fruity, floral, and aniseed flavors, and the aftertaste is slightly herbal.

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