Bamboo Steamer Alternative [Best Kitchen Substitute]

Bamboo Steamer Alternative [Best Kitchen Substitute]

So, you want some yummy steamed dumplings, rice, vegetables or fish and don’t want to use a basic bamboo steamer? Not a problem!

Let me start by saying that the traditional, cheap and easy to use bamboo steamers have there place in the kitchen, but let’s get real… They are a little dated, need replacing on a regular basis and when compared to their modern alternatives lack a little versatility.

Now is the time to substitute your old bamboo steamer with a new electric powered equivalent and expand your steamed food horizons. Just think of all the different delicious recipes you’ll be whipping up in your kitchen!

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Why it’s time to ditch your bamboo steamer?

As good as bamboo steamers are they do have their draw backs. These deficiencies include a limited volume, you have to watch over your food while cooking, sometimes poor build quality and most of all they are unhygienic.

Let me ask you… Would you eat food that had been steamed in an bathroom loafer? No me neither! The main problem with bamboo steamers is dirt, grime and bacteria can build up in the latticework.

Compare this to today’s digital steamers which are built to be super easy to clean, are dishwasher compatible and have variable temperature and timing controls, making them much more user friendly and hygienic.

How much better are electric steamer’s?

Substituting your bamboo steamer for a modern one gives you greater cooking space, set and forget steaming, easy to clean and allow you to cook new dishes such as cakes and puddings which can be tricky in a standard bamboo steamer.

Depending on the brand you buy digital steamers often also include multiple cooking operations like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and food warmer and can replace up to 7 other kitchen appliances.

One of the best options on electric steamers is the delayed cook start time. There’s nothing better than getting home from a hard day at work and having a healthy cooked meal waiting. Simply fill the steamer with your yummy ingredients before you leave and set the timer to begin cooking 15 – 30 minutes before your due home.

1. Hamilton Beach Steamer

Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer,...
This versatile steamer has a handy 2 tier stackable trays which are easy to store away due to the nested storage system and fits neatly in your kitchen cupboard.


You could use one tray for small amounts of food, both tiers for larger meals and even remove the divider to accommodate bigger vegetables or hunks of fish.


Another great feature is you can program the Hamilton Beach steamer to automatically keep food warm after cooking removing the stress of serving food immediately.


The funky digital touch pad is very easy to use and understand with options for countdown timers, temperature control and the one hour stay warm feature.


This steamer is ideal for delicate fish recipes including lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, oysters and much more. You can produce perfectly cooked fish every time.


It also comes with a special bowl for steaming rice. Yes, fluffy white and brown rice plus other smaller grains and pulses are cooked to perfection in minutes.


You can also cook eggs in an upright position from runny to hard boiled. Great for quick and easy super healthy breakfast in the morning before work.


The delayed start function allows you to fill the steamer way ahead of time and the steamer will automatically begin cooking automatically at the time you have chosen.


2. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

Rosewill BPA-Free, Quart (9L), 3-Tier...
Next up is the huge capacity Rosewill electric steamer. This model with it’s BPA free transparent baskets can hold up to 9.5 quarts (9 liters) of ready to steam food.


With a massive 800w of power it produces steam in less than 40 seconds made possible by the turbo steam ring design. Why wait around for water to boil?


It also has a built in safety feature where the steamer will automatically switch off when water runs low, removing the stress of constantly checking levels.


The external see-through water level indicator allows you to keep an eye on things and the steamer also has accessible water in lets for quick and easy fluid top up.


Unlike some steamers the egg holders, rice bowl and baskets are fully dishwasher safe and are very simple to dismantle ready for cleaning and baskets stack within each other for easy storage.


Each lid has sensible built-in air vents to direct the flow of steam for a constant heat distribution when cooking to maintain moisture in foods and consistent temperatures.


This steamer includes a handy 60-minute set and forget timer for easy meal preparation, providing time saving convenience when you plan to cook multiple dishes for the family.


3. Instant Pot Multi-Use Cooker

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure...
Now time for something a little different the Instant Pot DUO60. This compact cooker combines 7 every day kitchen appliances in 1 saving you a huge amount of space.


This programmable steamer also includes a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and food warmer, making it very versatile and a great tool to have around the kitchen.


You can achieve consistently high cooking results with this machine due to it’s ability to monitor pressure, temperature, keep precise times and automatically adjusts heating intensity.


The sturdy stainless steel lid and components are fingerprint resistant, very easy to clean and all accessories are perfectly happy to be washed in your dishwasher.


With 10 built in safety mechanisms the Instant Pot can be left to prepare meals unattended and with a standard power supply of 120V – 60Hz can be used almost worldwide.


Even a complete beginner could use the Duo multi cooker to easily create healthy, convenient and nutritious meals for all the family 70% faster than conventional ovens.


Whether you fancy a fast steamed meal or slow cooked one pot dish this amazing little cooker can do it all. Prepare stews, meat dishes, soups, beans and much more with ease.


Make your own food steamer

Do you want to make your own DIY bamboo steamer replacement? Then this video will walk you through the easy process of steaming food with common utensils found in the kitchen. It’s much easier than you may think.


So, there you have it! 3 brilliant alternatives to your bog standard bamboo steamer that will help keep your family safe from nasty bacterial bugs, provide extra space for your culinary expertise and broaden your scope of possible recipes you can cook in your steamer.

Why not treat your self to a new digital electric steamer today and begin a new healthy eating weight loss regime today! I’d have to recommend the Instant Pot DUO60 for it’s shear versatility but if that’s slightly out of your budget any of the other two will be a big comparable improvement on your dusty old bamboo steamer. Bon Appétit