Alternatives to Running When Injured [Best Home Exercise]

Alternatives to Running When Injured [Best Home Exercise]

So, you have an injury which prevents you from doing the exercise you love and keeps you in-shape… Running! It can be extremely frustrating when a slight niggle or pain stops you jogging, marathon training and even walking, but luckily modern technology has the solution to keep you active even when injured.

In this article we’ll list and review ingenious inventive alternatives to running when injured, that will extend your exercise capabilities even when your body is screaming NO! You can now buy low impact exercise equipment for your home that are similar to high end rehabilitation treatments. Let’s get started…

1. Zero Runner

Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner
First up, the Zero Runner (ZR7) created by Octane Fitness is expertly built to replicate running conditions for your body whilst providing full body support for a zero impact fitness experience. You can simulate high speed running or a steady stroll with little or no strain on your injured area.


The Zero Runner is a great piece of equipment to help injured sports men and women recovery while staying active. The machine is super quite due to being fully self powered and the cool essential workout and stride tracing data is displayed on a digital console to help you keep track of your fitness levels.


2. Resistance Exercise Band

RitFit Single Resistance Exercise Band with...
Second on our list is the resistance exercise band produced by RitFit. You can grab this versatile workout device for under $10 making it a super affordable exercise alternative when injured. The high quality resistance tubes are made form a toxic free and non-irritant latex. These tubes provide a low impact boost to health, fitness and performance.


The exercise band comes with a door anchor which increases your workout variety, soft foam handles to help decrease grip strain plus this multi functional device is ideal for physical therapy, gentle exercise, muscle toning, stretching and rehabilitation. You can keep up your overall training whilst avoiding added impact on the injury.


3. Elliptical Fitness Machine

Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine Fitness...
Last but not least we have the portable elliptical machine for fitness workouts and great cardio exercise produced by Fast88. This cheap elliptical trainer has an 8 magnetic resistance settings to adjust exercise intensity levels, a pulse rate monitor located in the handles and digital display to see distance, calories burned and heart rate monitoring.


This fitness machine is ideal for people requiring both upper and lower workouts and the zero impact design makes this a perfect alternative to running when you have an injury. The quite, smooth and supportive exercise machine will allow you to gain the same benefits as running while allowing your injury to heal. Highly recommended!


How to avoid injuries while running?

This quick video outlines several easy to follow running form techniques to help you avoid jogging related injuries. Prevention is better than a cure, as they say!


This section takes a look at frequently asked questions and provides answers related to your original “alternatives to running when injured” search query.

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Painful torn ligaments. muscle strain, pulled hamstring, achilles tendonitis, knee replacement and foot surgery can all prevent you from running. However, it’s fairly easy to substitute the benefits of a run with purpose built exercise machines at home. The priority is making sure you stick to a low impact training regime, whilst in recovery.

In a perfect world, where lack of time wasn’t a factor, my biggest recommendation would be the most effective low impact cross-training methods… Aqua aerobics or pool running. Jogging while supported in water is the best way to stay active while injured, but not everyone has spare time to go down this route.