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Cheaper Alternative To Plexus Slim [Weight Loss Supplements]

Alternative To Plexus Slim

Plexus slim is all the rage right now. There are so many people who have used it and make convincing arguments on its validity. As a matter of fact there are tons of before and after pictures on the internet with hundreds of testimonials. For anyone who has gained a few pounds and are feeling lethargic in their day to day life, Plexus slim presents itself as a magic bullet, the miracle cure.

What is plexus slim?

Also known as the Pink Drink, plexus slim is a dietary supplement that helps to lose weight. You can purchase it directly from a multi-level marketing seller or online. It costs a hefty $84.95 for a 30 day supply.

The alternative to plexus slim

$84.95 is a lot of money for a month’s supply especially if you are a college student working the weekends trying to make ends meet. Also, the ingredients in the supplement are not all that healthy given it is meant to give you an overall healthy body.

For whatever reason, if you are looking for an alternative to plexus slim, here are some natural and affordable options that will give you the same results.

1. Biocleanse

Let’s face it. This is just a glorified laxative. Basically the purpose is to cleanse the colon of the bad stuff to make room for the good stuff to grow.

A close study of the ingredients shows that it is magnesium that does all the work here. You will also find that some of the laxatives have high quantities of magnesium which will help relax the muscle in the GI tract to induce bowel movement.

Bio-cleanse has 280 mg twice every day which comes to a total of 560 mg daily.

The main ingredients are magnesium, vitamin c and bioflavonoids.


  • Take 250 mg of magnesium once a day. There are soft gels available on Amazon for affordable rates. Buy the ones that have no preservatives, artificial flavors and yeast or starch.
  • 1 capsule per day of BioFlavonoid Quercetin Complex. As a type of bioflavonoid, Quercetin helps to reduce inflammation. This one is enhanced with rutin, bromelain and bioflavonoids.

2. Pink Drink / Plexus Slim

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The main ingredients listed in the pink drink are Xylooligosaccharide (XOS), chromium and green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee is a popular ingredient widely marketed as fat burners. Chromium will probably help with blood sugar regularity,

Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) is the hero here with a lot of potential. It is prebiotic, meaning that it if something for bacteria to feed on.


  • 2 capsules of XOS prebiotic before lunch or dinner. There are 6 capsules in one bottle which is enough to last 30 days.
  • The XOS prebiotic has the Xylo-oligosaccharide. It is a non digestible oligosaccharide that is extracted from the corncob through an enzymatic process.

3. Probio

ProBio is a combination of probiotics and enxymes.

It is very important to have a balanced gut microbiome in order to maintain the ideal weight. Plexus claims that overgrowth of yeast in the gut is one of the biggest causes of obesity. As a matter of fact, science shows that it disturbs the ability to absorb the nutrients in that given population.


1 tablet of 365 Daily Probiotic twice a day. This dietary supplement is a more affordable and equally effective alternative to the excessively glorified ProBio. The ingredients listed in the supplement are:

  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Magnesium stearate (sourced from vegetables)
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Croscarmellose sodium
  • Stearic acid (sourced from vegetables)
  • Other microcrystalline cellulose

Basically the manufacturer claims that it supports the gastrointestinal health.

The Math:

Here is how your daily dosage will look like:

  • 1 tablet of ma250 mg magnesium in a day
  • 1 capsule of Quercetin BioFlavonoid Complex in a day
  • 2 capsules of XOS Prebiotic before meal (lunch or dinner) in a day
  • 1 tablet of 365 Daily Probiotic two times a day

This gives you roughly an estimated total of $40 in expenditure and most of these products will last you longer than just 30 days.

$40 is 70% less than the price of Plexus.

Second Alternative To Plexus Slim

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If you aren’t comfortable about taking so many pills on a daily basis, here is another more natural version that you might be comfortable with.

You can make your own DIY plexus slim shake at home for 10 times less money. If you take a close look at the ingredients listed in Plexus Slim, there are 4 primary ingredients that stand out. They are:

  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Chromium
  • Alpha lipoic acid

These 4 key ingredients consist of 530 mg in total in one bottle of the Plexus Slim. With close examination, one may conclude that these are the only 4 ingredients that are worth taking and that can give a significant improvement in the overall weight. As a matter of fact, 530 mg is pretty less if you want to attain significant weight loss in just 30 days or less.

There are many people who even go so far as to claim that in the case of weight loss supplements lie Plexus Slim, taking only the chromium can also bring about significant changes without any additional stuff. The only criteria are that users should consume the chromium for at least a month to be able to see the results. Since each body type is different, individuals who do not see any significant changes can also try and add additional ingredients and see if it works on their body and improve or speed up the weight loss process.

People have different body types and hence respond differently to different ingredients. The key is to avoid using a shotgun approach because this will not show a clear picture about how the body is responding to certain ingredients.

Don’t Forget The Diet

Here is a friendly reminder that supplements alone will never replace the results that healthy eating and exercise offers. Studies conducted by Plexus shows that both the groups that consumed the ingredient and the one that consumed the placebo pill both were on a Mediterranean diet which means lean meat, whole grains and vegetables.

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