Alternative to Fitbit [Comparable Fitness Trackers]

Alternative to Fitbit [Comparable Fitness Trackers]

So, your looking for a cheap fitness tracker with heart rate monitor as an alternative to overpriced Fitbit activity trackers? Luckily, there are some excellent proportionate solutions for fitness monitors, helping you stay motivated by tracking your daily activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep patterns, thus improving your overall health.

When looking for quality Fitbit alternative activity tracker, the massive amount of options on the market can be overwhelming! The benchmark for these devices are dominated by big brands such as Fitbits and Apple Watches, but their eye watering $100-$200 price tags puts many customer off.. Let’s review some more affordable and comparable alternatives to Fitbits.

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Why do people use fitness trackers?

It’s a fact that being a couch potato can gradually lead to personal health issues and part from the obvious low productivity, symptoms can include chronic or acute illnesses, weight gain and poor mental health exasperation. On the flip side moderate daily exercise can prevent or even reverse many health issues.

Now, I’m not saying you need to hit the gym or run a marathon every day, but by simply walking, having a gentle run or even fidgeting in your seat boosts your overall health. Fitness trackers are an easy precise way to keep yourself motivated and track of your fitness progress.Tracking heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt, distance traveled, caloric intake and sleep patterns.

Do fitness trackers improve health?

Recent research published by American Journal of Medicine doesn’t directly lead to health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure on their own, but do provide the wearer extra motivation to work out and partake in exercise, which does make the individual more active, boosting their overall health.

The data has also been crunched by experts over at University of Florida, where they found even though wearing a fitness tracker doesn’t necessarily correlated to peoples lowering their blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels or them losing weight, they may motivate people to increase their exercise regime. People love having a target to work towards!

So, what are the best fitness trackers similar to Fitbits?

1. Letscom

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker...
First up, we have an affordable fitness tracker created by Letscom, which comes in a great range of snazzy colors, has built in heart rate and sleep monitoring which tracks heart rate automatically in real time, continuously monitors your sleep duration providing comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality and habits.


You can also accurately record your everyday activities including sleep status, steps, distance, active minutes and calories burnt with the activity tracking system. With 14 exercise modes and cell phone connected GPS you can map of your workout route, record pace and distance running stats and receive social media updates.


2. Lintelek

Lintelek Fitness Tracker for Kids Girls Boys...
Introducing the slim activity fitness tracker by Lintelek. Wear this slim and lightweight body tracker on your wrist to monitor scientific and professional body data. Automatically get incoming calls, texts and social network message notifications with the 0. 86 inch screen and charge the long lasting battery quickly with the built-in USB slot.


The Lintelek fitness tracker measures your heart rate, monitors how well your sleeping at night and keeps you motivated for a better energetic lifestyle. Precisely track your calorie intake, daily steps and distance ran every minute of the day, Helps you reach your goals and on the right exercised filled path.


3. Fitfort

Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure HR...
Now, a fantastic fitness wristband produced by Fitfort. This tracker constantly measures your step count, pulse, heart rate vitals, heart pressure and quality of sleep. It’s like having your own personal health secretary helping you avoid bad habits and giving you a gentle nudge to stay active and consume plenty of drink water.


You new personal gym coach motivates you to stay active throughout your day, constantly measures blood pressure and with the bright color screen allows you to view your stats clearly despite sun dazzle. With 14 exercise monitor settings this tracker is ideal for dance, running, riding, basketball, tennis, yoga and swimming.


4. Letsfit

Letsfit Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with...
This next offering, an android and iOS cell phone compatible smart watch fitness tracker created by Letsfit, is pedometer, sleep monitor, step counter and heart rate monitor rolled in to one. The excellent 1. 3″ color touch screen provided a great visual experience, allowing you to quickly check your heart rate and calories charts.


The smartwatch reminds women of menstrual period cycle points, has handy stopwatch, alarm clock and timing functions, an intuitive heart and sleep monitoring system, tracks important exercise data with 14 different modes, an impressive 10 days battery life and is ruggedly built resisting water, sweat, rain, splashes and dust.


5. Welteayo

WELTEAYO Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate...
Last but not least, enjoy 24hrs continuous activity tracking with this reasonably priced fitness tracker made by Welteayo. Packed full on useful features including a 1.14 Inch color screen, heart rate monitor, blood pressure tracker, pedometer, calorie counter. Plus Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, calls, SMS vibrate warning and much more.


This fitness tracker allows you to keep focused on exercise routines, stay efficient at work and with a simple glace never miss important digital or health information. They have a great selection of snazzy colored adjustable wrist bands that fit men, women and children, plus the large screen is super easy to read in all conditions.


How do I use my fitness tracker watch?

Setting up your fitness tracker and using it to get fitter is fairly simple. However, this great video will walk you through the process to get you up and running!


Hopefully, this article has provided useful information for people not keen on dropping a few hundred dollars on a fancy Fitbit device, This list of cheaper alternatives gives you the option of trying out a similar product first, or if a basic activity tracker is all you require then these substitutes provide comparable performance.

So, if you looking for a representative product without breaking the bank, to help with your new exercise regime, these cheap and cheerful devices, with equivalent health monitoring systems will do nicely! There’s no need to spend a pretty penny just for a “brand name” if your able to measure the same attributes for a fifth of the price!