Alternative to Eyelash Extensions [Guide]

Alternative to Eyelash Extensions [Guide]

So, you want your eyes to pop and look amazing! Women all around the world have been using the makeup bag staples “lipstick and mascara” as the basis of their makeup routine for years, but every now and then new trends emerge and eyelash extensions have enjoyed a boom in the beauty market industry over recent years.

However, eyelash extensions have witnessed a media backlash due to women reporting health issues such as badly swollen eyelids, infections and allergic reactions. The American Academy of Ophthalmology have warned consumers to “proceed with caution” when considering eyelash extensions.. I’d recommend trying a safer comparable alternative first!

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Are eyelash extensions worth it?

Even though eyelash extensions are expensive, they can beautifully enhance your natural eyelashes removing the need to apply mascara daily or fiddly strip false lashes. They can look surprisingly natural when lashes are applied individually. Yet, the expense, long appointment times and possible health implications are turning women towards better eyelash replacements.

Yes, professional eyelash extensions can last weeks, but are they worth it? The biggest drawback to lash extensions is they’re pricey! Having to fork out $100+ every few weeks, as your natural lash cycle forces reapplication. This is simply too expensive for million of women and with similar substitutes on the market that achieve the same look, why bother?

How long do eyelash extensions last?

You’ll required new eye extension replacements every two to three weeks and many women except getting monthly lash extensions is comparable to waxing or manicures. Overtime this becomes very expensive and salons that charge less are often use substandard products, increasing the risk of things going wrong so cutting corners isn’t an option.

Poorly applied eye extension tend to leave customers in a lose-lose predicament, producing an unsightly jumble of natural lash clusters sticking to fake lashes while growth shedding occurs. Having eyelash extensions fitted on a regular basis could also lead to the loss of your own natural lashes overtime.

1. False

Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair - 113 (Pack of 4)
False eyelashes are a great way to highlight one of your best assets and add a touch of classical glamour to your look. With an ever increasing array of false eyelashes to pick from, choosing the right ones can be difficult, but don’t worry were here to help! Designs range for subtle to va-va-voom.


A style that flatters a large majority of women are this pair of wispies by leading beauty company Ardell Fashion. Made from 100% human hair they are a little more expensive than ones found in your local grocery store, but they are super soft, easy to apply, comfortable to wear and stay fixed in place until removal.


2. Regrowth

Eyelash Growth Serum Cherish Lash |...
Next up, we have an eyelash growth treatment created by Cherisher. A fantastic conditioning serum that makes your lashes more luscious, thinker, longer and stimulates regrowth. This product will provide that all important fashion trend of longer and fuller lashes, perfectly framing one of your most attractive features, your lovely eyes.


Ideal for women who unfortunately have sparse short eyelashes, suffered from poor quality lash extensions, despise the feeling of false lashes or suffer an allergic reaction to some cosmetics chemical ingredients. So, why not relieve the burden of spending bucket loads of money and valuable time on extensions or expensive mascara and give this serum a try.


3. Keratin

NATURAL & INTELLIGENT - Eyelash Serum with...
Introducing a unique and relatively new eyelash product created by Natural & intelligent. This keratin packed nourishing serum for eyelashes and eyebrows is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions! The treatment enhances lashes volume and length, making them look and feel thinker and fuller. It’s also safe for sensitive eye.


Are your lashes are thin, brittle, or tend to fall out easily? Then the concentrated activate ingredient keratin will boost growth and deeply nourish your eyelashes. Working in harmony with your lashes natural regeneration processes the serum is also non-allergenic, not tested on animals, free of hormones and contains no parabens.


4. Mascara

400X Pure Silk Fiber Lash Mascara [Ultra...
How could we create a list of eyelash extension alternatives with good old mascara? By far the the most popular lashes makeup solution on the planet. This mascara developed by Mia Adora is their 400X 3D silk fiber edition, which boasts the ability to add natural volume and length instantly!


With the addition of organic green tea micro fibers, that emulate Itsy bitsy extensions boosting length and volume, something your local drugstore mascara can only dream of. When applied to this mascara intensifies the look of your natural lashes and you’ll also receive a free specially designed lash comb to expertly remove clumps.


5. Singles

Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl...
Last but not least, a stop gap solution to eyelash extensions “singles”. These individually applied lashes are amazing for women searching for that dramatic look but quite have the natural lashes needed to hold conventional extensions. Each lash is hollow making them 47% lighter that cheaper equivalents to improve longevity and comfort.


These single eyelashes by VAVALASH can also be used to fill gaps between natural eyelashes correcting misshapen lashes. They also create a fuller natural lash line with a unique eyeliner effect illusion. Being very well made and strong the lash-lifting curls are less likely to lose their shape over time.


Do eyelash extensions cause lash damage?

So, do extensions damage your lashes? This very useful video should cover your most common concerns when it comes to eyelash extensions.


So, are you going to stick with eyelash extensions or are you willing to test one of alternatives reviewed above? Even though It usually takes years of poor application by your beauty technician and improper lash care for long lasting damage to occur, your do run the risk of developing traction alopecia resulting in your lashes falling out.

Therefore are eyelash extensions “worth the faff”? They were designed to last between four and six weeks, yet surveys have revealed two to three weeks is closer to the mark, If you don’t go for maintenance sessions, are expensive relative to their competitors and take time consuming trips to the salon. Are they really that much better than fakes or a quality mascara?