Alternative to Engagement Rings [Comparable Gifts]

Alternative to Engagement Rings [Comparable Gifts]

With the younger generation breaking down barriers and doing away with bygone traditions, presenting your loved one with a classical gleaming diamond set in a platinum or gold band feels so yesterday and blah to millennial’s! So, what are some modern alternatives to engagement rings, that portray an equivalent amount of sentiment?

Yes, substituting an engagement ring with a comparable token of love is becoming more and more popular among youngsters. In this article we’ll list and review proportionate replacements for engagement rings, to give you an idea of the wonderful alternatives available to buy for this special occasion. Rings… yawn! Let’s all try being different instead!

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What can I use instead of a ring to propose?

So, you’ve decided to pop the big question but proposing with a traditional engagement ring clashes with your personality and the relationships overall vibe. Getting married is a huge step! However, if your like me, you’ve realized that buying expensive jewelry for engagements, anniversaries and other special occasions is driven by capitalist consumerism… Not love!

Therefore, it’s totally fine to go off piste and gift your future husband or wife a different type of engagement present, providing a similar sentiment to a ring, yet much more personal. These gift could be literary anything but when we asked jewelers, they recommended things like adventure funds, expensive wine, round the world tickets and a down payment on a house.

Can you propose to someone without a ring?

Yes! You certainly can ask someone to marry you without a ring. It’s also not written in stone that the man should be the one to ask for their others half’s hand in marriage. Today it’s very common for women to pop the question, forgoing the need of an engagement ring completely.

In this role reversal situation many men could feel awkward accepting and wearing a ring, therefore an alternative becomes an even more acceptable solution. With so many meaningful, romantic ways to propose these days, an engagement ring is an unnecessary expense and in some case unethical.

Let’s take a look at some popular alternatives:

1. Bracelets

.925 Sterling Silver 2.0 Cttw Diamond...
First up, how about a diamond bracelet instead of a traditional ring? Bracelets are a wonderful gift idea for weddings, childbirth, anniversaries and engagements. This beautiful piece by Original Classics boasts a geometric fan-shaped modern design, adorned with rose cut high quality (I3 clarity) diamonds. Super pretty and affordable!


The bracelets soft feminine style is crafted in a choice of colored metals including rose gold, yellow gold, or white silver and fits a ladies 7” wrist, which can be adjusted. All Original Classics diamonds are supplied by “non conflict” sources and are perfect as a wedding engagement ring replacement. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


2. Ring on a necklace

U365 Matching Couples Necklace Titanium...
Have you heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts” refereed to when exchanging gifts? Well, this his and hers couples necklace set epitomizes that sentiment. You can purchase this engagement ring substitute necklace set for less than the prices of a pizza and save your money for a more extravagant wedding day.


The set is crafted from high grade hypoallergenic, none rust, zero fading, anti allergies hard wearing stainless titanium steel. The necklaces contain beautiful details and amazing engraved lettering of a pretty love quote. An affordable pair of fashion necklaces perfect for everyday wear, especially for couples in love.


3. The latest tech

Simple Mobile Prepaid - Apple iPhone 11 Pro...
Today, it’s much more common for people to show off their wealth by owning the most modern technology, not by wearing expensive jewelry. So why should an engagement gift be any different? Let’s take this latest Apple iPhone as an example… Many people are priced out of owning such a gadget!


However, a proposal of marriage is such a special occasion why not treat your partner to something usually unattainable. The most up to date cell phone, gaming system, laptop or kitchen appliance can all make practical and let’s face it much more useful alternatives to an engagement ring. Food for thought!


4. Lockets

14k Yellow Gold-Filled Engraved Four-Picture...
Not all classical jewelry pieces need be avoided when choosing an engagement ring alternative. An example being this elegant love heart locket necklace brought to us by Amazon Collection. This 14k traditional gold necklace features a beautifully decorative floral engraved heart-shape locket with hinge mechanism, 20″ gold chain and lobster claw clasp.


You can keep up to 4 different photos, locks of hair or other small keep sake’s within the locket and being handcrafted in the USA, high quality craftsmanship is assured. The locket has slightly more room the larger photos than others, measuring 1.06 by 1.06 inches and the long chain allows the wearer to easily view the contents.


5. Art

NWT Framed Canvas Wall Art for Living Room,...
Last but not least, how about an amazing piece of artwork for the home as an alternative to an engagement ring? Maybe you have just moved in to together or are planning to when married and have free wall space to fill. A statement artwork would be a great way to constantly remember your romantic proposal.


One of my favorite wall art providers are NWT, who provide a wide selection of high quality of large decorative canvas art prints. All of their wall art is printed and shipped from USA, are available in four different 3 panel sizes and over for 40 excellent art designs that would look great in any new love nest.


Alternative stones for engagement rings?

Are you hell bent on sticking with a ring as part of your marriage proposal? Then, why not not consider a comparable gemstone instead of traditional diamonds? This video will give you a few alternative ideas of whats available.


As you can see from the list, all it takes is a little imagination and knowledge of your partners likes, and dislikes to find something different than your bog standard engagement ring for this special occasion. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make the event memorable, nor do you have to blindly follow tradition.

My dream engagement gift would be a top of the line Alienware laptop, as that would talk to the geek in me and I’m sure your loved one has a similar fantasy, rather than a boring ring. Why not ask them for a “money no object” bucket list of Xmas gifts they would love to sneakily probe for clues.