Alternative to Dry Shampoo [Similar Hair Care Products]

Alternative to Dry Shampoo [Similar Hair Care Products]

We’ve all been there! Running late for an appointment and don’t have time to jump in the shower, so reach for the dry shampoo in the hope it’ll make your look and feel cleaner. However, this perceived convenience has significant drawbacks because dry shampoo can damage your hair and depending on your hair type sometimes ineffective.

In this article we’ll review some healthier alternatives to dry shampoo that will provide your scalp and hair a quick and affordable comparable solution! There some excellent dry shampoo alternatives you can buy online that don’t contain that horrible powdery substance that sticks to your scalp and hair follicles and is reportedly linked to certain cancers.

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Is dry shampoo bad for your hair?

Dry shampoo seems like a great solution at first, but these little cans of magic confuse customers… are they bad for your hair or not? Yes, they can allow you a few lovely snooze button presses in the morning, but are you actually damaging your hair and worse still putting your health at risk?

The short answer is yes! Using a dry shampoo on a regular basis is bad for your hair especially when your preferred product contains man made ingredients such as thickeners and silicone’s. Such chemicals are difficult to rinse off and eventually will clog up your hair follicles, potentially leading to hair loss or thinning.

What can I use as a natural dry shampoo?

Homemade beauty and cleaning solutions are becoming ever more popular, and luckily it’s very easy to make your own dry shampoo alternative. Using your own cheaper, organic and healthier ingredients lets you experiment to find the perfect blend most suited to your hair type. Many of these ingredients can be found at your local store or online.

Let’s list some of these ingredients you can combine them to make your own DIY dry shampoo. Some natural products that can help keep your hair fresh and healthy include flour, cornstarch, baking soda, baby powder, arrowroot, cocoa powder, dryer sheets, oats, hand sanitizer and perfume. Test, mix and match to find which alternatives works best for you.

Do you want to cut out the hassle of making your own dry shampoo  alternative and would prefer an off the shelf solution? Then these hair treatment serums are your answer.

1. Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret

Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret -...
Enrich your natural hair oils with Bali Secret’s vitamin packed hair solution. This product contains organic vitamins. A, C, E, argan oil, avocado, macadamia nut oil, and Pro-Vit B5 to nourish your hair, keeping it strong, healthy and looking fantastic. Perfect for all hair types such as colored, blonde, long, curly, red, damaged, thin, thick, dry, and dark.


Simply adding a small amount of this hair serum to your hair makes it more manageable, easy to comb, soft and provides a wonderful shine. The long lasting nourishment and boosted hydration provides your hair with a salon finish moisturizing treatment and the natural oils and vitamins to repair, condition and strengthen each individual strand.


2. Hair Repair Serum by Cherioll

Hair Serum, Hair Treatment Serum Oil, Hair...
Next up, we have an excellent organic serum that helps to repair damaged hair produced by Cherioll. This hair serum suppress your hair becoming greasy, promotes natural hair growth, actively nourishes roots and follicles, plus delivers a much needed nutritional boost to restore the vitality and health of your hair.


With all natural ingredients this dry shampoo alternative doesn’t leave you hair coated in nasty chemicals and is a great solution for symptoms such as in-elasticity, slow hair growth, constant tangling, lack of shine, brittle and unruly hair. Ideal for both men and women, applying a small amount aids the appearance of dry and frizzy locks.


3. Hair Shine Serum by Herstyler

Herstyler Hair Repair Serum - Argan Oil Hair...
This hair shine serum produced by Herstyler quickly and effectively leaves your hair glossy and lush. With active frizz control, the serum works on curly and straight hair transformed. The unique blend of Argan oil and Aloe extracts helps de-frizz hair leaving your it strong, soft and shiny.. Glamorous in minutes!


This gentle hair smoothing serum provides a complete hair care solution, reducing frizz, loosens tangles, reduces split ends, restore shine and adds vitality. Ideal for everyday use the aloe vera helps repair any damaged scalp cells and revitalizes dormant hair follicles. Vitamin E also locks in nutrients and moisture to improve your hairs overall condition.


4. Keratin Hair Treatment Serum by Remilia

Keratin Hair Treatment Oil | Made in Italy No...
Introducing original hair serum capsules produced by Italian hair specialist company Remilia. This tailor made protective conditioner enriches your hair with Vitamin B5 and keratin. This organic serum provide a fantastic solution for unmanageable locks, oily roots, and dry rough split hair, plus your color treated hair will be totally safe to boot!


The hair oil capsules contain vitamins, keratin and argan which provides long-lasting nourishment and moisturizing for frizzy hair and thin hair, making it thicker, healthier and glossier. This smoothing serum is packed full of even more goodness including amino acid complexes, silk protein and pro-vitamins. 100% biodegradable, animal and environment safe!


5. Fructis Sleek & Shine by Garnier

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz...
Last but in no way least an affordable anti-frizz hair serum by Garnier. A health and beauty company who have years of expertise producing texturizing sprays, shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hair masks and many more hair products. The active ingredient moroccan argan oil penetrates into unmanageable, frizzy and dry hair.


The serum is a great alternative to dry shampoo and provides lasting smoothness and shine. With over 100 years (1904) in the business you can trust Garnier to deliver a hair serums with organic derived ingredients and naturally inspired innovative formulas to keep hair vibrant, healthy and nourished. The anti-frizz winner on the list!


How to make your own dry shampoo?

As mentioned above it’s relatively simple to create your own dry shampoo from regular household ingredients.  This video will walk you through the process.


Dry shampoo has been a staple hair care product for years but its powdery magic bubble has finally burst! The reason women world wide are moving away from dry shampoo is mainly due to the annoying gradually itchy build-up of gunk which throws off your hairs natural oils balance and drys the scalp.

As bad as this is, the worst part is this accumulation can contribute to female hair loss! Women have now realized that dry shampoo falls under the “too much of a good thing” category. Luckily, you can can either make your own alternative, buy a much safer serum solution or force yourself to use dry shampoo in much greater moderation.