Alternative to Diamond [Comparable Gemstones]

Alternative to Diamond [Comparable Gemstones]

So, you’ve considered breaking the age old tradition of diamond set jewelry and require a comparably beautiful, hard wearing and prestigious gemstone. You have an huge range of choice in precious stones ideal alternatives for diamond engagement rings, jewelry making and other elegant jewelry pieces. But what is the best alternative to diamonds?

In this article we’ll review 5 comparable gemstones that look similar to diamonds without the eye watering cost. This list will include the best diamond alternatives available to buy online providing you a fantastic list of equivalent gemstones perfect for engagements, weddings, birthday gifts, christmas presents, anniversaries and other special occasions.

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What is a good substitute for a diamond?

Moissanite has more brilliance and fire than lab-created and natural diamonds and are widely considered the best replacement for classical diamonds (fake diamond dupe), and should be high on your list for a representative alternative. This diamond replacing gemstone also has more clarity, durability and beauty than it’s cheaper rival the cubic zirconia.

However, due to it’s rarity can still be quite expensive so not the best choice for those on a tight budget. Moissanite was discovered in a crater created by a meteorite in Arizona by Nobel Prize winning French scientist Henri Moissan in 1893, hence the gem bearing his name. With more sparkle than diamonds, moissanite is wonderful in all types of jewelry.

What other gemstones look like diamonds?

Yes, there are plenty of other gemstones that look very similar to diamonds and have a much more affordable price tag available on the market. These gemstones often have comparable physical properties and resemble diamonds in appearance, luster and durability. Sometimes taking a jewelry expert to distinguish the subtle differences.

The list of gemstones most commonly used as diamond substitutes include White Topaz, Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia, Garnet, Spinel and Rutile to name but a few. Luckily, there’s an alternative to accommodate most peoples price range and with the ever increasing sophistication in technology, new man-made substitutes are being developed all the time.

1. Moissanite

DovEggs 1ct 6.5mm Round Cut 2.6mm Band Width...
First up, a lovely moissanite ring with a 1ct (6.5mm) center stone, set in a classically elegant platinum plated sterling silver band. The metal contains no nickel, which is the biggest cause of skin irritations. The ring is produced by the highest standards of workmanship and comes with a 30 money back guarantee.


Look out for this beautiful moissanite gemstone to be on sale, as usually you can buy this diamond alternative for under $100. Customers have advised to purchase a size small than normal (0.5) as standard fit runs slightly larger than scales. The producers DovEggs also offer this ring with different colored tints.


2. White Topaz

MAIHAO Fashion Women 925 Sterling Silver...
Now, our cheapest alternative to diamonds… White Topaz! You can buy this spectacular looking 925 Sterling Silver band and cubic zirconia decorated white topaz ring for the price of a pizza. This modernly designed band looks beautiful when worn by itself or as part of a set. Looks expensive, yet highly affordable!


I’d suggest you pair it with one or two vintage style rings, as I love the contrast of sparkle and organic. This white topaz ring would make a great gift to say I love you for your wife, lover, fiancee, girlfriend, mother, daughter and friends. A suitable present for any occasion including Birthdays, Valentines day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day and Christmas.


3. Cubic Zirconia

Barzel 18k White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia...
Next up, a classic style 18k white gold cubic zirconia ring reminiscent of 50’s Hollywood glamor. The design of this ring produced by Barzel makes it perfect for a fashion statement ring, lovers eternity band and stylish anniversary band. This diamond substitute ring boasts 3 rows of stones, totaling 76 gems.


It’s becoming very difficult to tell if cubic zirconia of this high standard are real or fake, and can easily dupe even those with the sharpest eye. When the gemstones catch the light they sparkle and glisten with a spectacular display of dancing rainbow colors. A prefect gift for the sophisticated woman in your life!


4. Garnet

Gem Stone King White Created Sapphire and Red...
Are you looking for a different color gemstone to diamonds? Well, with this piece of jewelry you get best of both worlds. Introducing a high quality ring made by Gem Stone King, boasting both a 1.4ct white sapphire master stone and pretty round red garnet decorative stones this really is a statement piece.


Gem Stone King are an American base company and all jewelry pass an extensive quality check list before being shipped to customers. Their jewelry line provide a superb collection of sterling silver rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces at very affordable prices, all being delivered in “ready to gift” packaging.


5. Spinel

Santuzza 925 Sterling Silver Ring Luxury...
Last but not least my favorite gemstone Spinel! This is the perfect gem to give a loved one who has a unique rock and roll gothic personality, because let’s face not everyone love bling! This ring I’ve selected to show you does provide some sparkle with it’s embedded AAA cubic zirconias, and the sterling silver band makes the main spinel stone pop.


Spinel is special and one of a handful of gemstones don’t require extensive special treatment. Because of it’s vibrant deep colors, the red version it is considered a natural substitute for ruby. High quality spinel is much rarer than ruby’s and sometime even diamonds. it “imitates” but far less expensive.


Popular diamond alternatives for rings?

As more and more people move away from buying diamonds for political and ethical reasons finding a good alternative could make or break your special relationship. This video outlines some of the choices on the market and reviews a few popular substitutes.


Diamonds have long been a luxury item associated with peoples engagements, wedding anniversary gifts and even the tips of powerful cutting drills. The diamond trade brought fame and substantial fortune to household brands like Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston.

However, times are changing and the younger generation aren’t as interested in wearing their wealth, plus the terrible affect the business has had in South Africa. Blood diamonds, ones mined in a war zone used to help finance insurgency have been frowned upon for several years and is the biggest reason young millennial woman prefer comparable alternatives to diamonds.