Alternative to Command Strips [Hanging Wall Art]

Alternative to Command Strips [Hanging Wall Art]

If you have living space issues and want to make the most of your living space, then you might have come across command strips. These sticky strips make hanging things easier and smudge-free by providing adequate strength to hold up things like pictures, frames, hooks, etc.

Available in a variety of designs, command strips more commonly are coupled with attachable hooks that offer you the ability to hang your stuff from the wall that would otherwise take up space in your closet.

Although claimed to be hassle-free and easily removable, command strips pose a number of issues that you might know of if you have ever used them. Let’s take a look at what other options the market has to offer instead of command strips.

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Why Command Strips Are Unsuitable?

Command strips are made from either polyurethane foam or some other kind of softer material that has adhesive on both its sides which allows for easy sticking. Where most command strips fail to deliver is on the adhesive quality. Most companies use a sub-par adhesive that will spoil the paint on your walls or doors which essentially negates the basic functionality of command strips.

Additionally, if you go for most of the hooks that are currently available on the market today, then you will find that they cannot support much weight and will either end up ripping the paint out or will simply break. Hence, although command strips look great on paper when it comes to practical situations, they fail to fulfill the purpose that they are made for.

Why You Should Consider Other Alternatives?

Command Strips mostly fail to work as they are advertised. They usually don’t have enough adhesive strength nor are they smudge or stain free. Ideally, you will be using these strips to either hang or stick stuff on your wall or door. Unlike you would expect, command strips won’t be able to hold much load and would require specific conditions and a special kind of paint on your wall and door so as to perform as advertised.

On the other hand, many alternatives offer the same functionality in a compact package that ensures that no damage is done to your walls or doors. Thus if you actually want a solution that can support a lot of weight while ensuring that your walls and doors are stain-free, then you should look at some of the alternatives. They come in various sizes and shapes with different adhesive techniques to ensure that they provide maximum functionality with minimum instability.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives.

1. Faber Castle Tack it

Faber-Castell Reusable Removable Adhesive...
If you plan on hanging something that has a significant amount of weight to it, then the Faber Castle Tack It is an excellent choice for you. This reusable set of adhesive tapes has been made to deliver a stain-free experience. Hence, no matter how many times you use the Faber Castle Tack It, it will never leave a stain on your wall or the door.


The adhesive tape comes already cut in squares and is easily removable or reusable. So if you were looking for something that is versatile and has the same functionality as command strips then the Faber Castle Tack It is a great alternative for you.


2. Fancy Music Clip

Clips,Paper Binder Bag Chip Clamps, Black...
The Fancy music clip is a great choice for you if you plan on holding up minimal loads like pictures and papers while preserving a sense of style.


The fancy music clip is made from high-density durable plastic which not only allows it to uphold most loads but also gives it a classy gloss finish that will go with any background. So if you just want to hang photos and want a bit of style, then the fancy music clip is an excellent choice for you.


3. Picture Frame Hooks

Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers Home and Office...
This generic offering is a straight alternative to command strips that offers the same amount of strength without using any kind of adhesive. The picture frame hooks use a proprietary 3 pin clamping mechanism that holds most of your paintings and other loads securely to a wall or a door.


The frame hooks have been designed with minimal stain and dents in mind, which ensures that your wall or door is not damaged when you remove the hooks. So if you are looking for something more secure, then picture frame hooks are an excellent choice for you.


4. LED Strip With Clips

Dimmable 50 LED Photo Clips String Lights...
Do you love a bohemian lifestyle and want to spice up your life with some extra style? Are you looking to just hang up photos and pictures? Then the LED strip with clips is an excellent choice for you.


It comes with 20 bright LED lights and 20 clips that you can use to hang up your photos. This way each of your photos will be lit up properly, thanks to their individual LED light. So if you want style and just want to hang up photos, then go for the LED strip with clips.


5. Reusable Wall Hooks

EKKONG Reusable Adhesive Hooks, Transparent...
This set if reusable wall hooks come with reinforced adhesive and steel hooks for added strength. It is the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for something that can hold up heavier loads when stuck to a wall or a door.


The hooks can be washed and reused again without any loss of stickiness. Made from high-quality durable plastic and stainless steel, the hooks can easily support a maximum weight of up to 15 kgs. So if you have been looking for a strong alternative that can hold up additional amounts of load, then reusable wall hooks are an excellent choice for you.


How To Use Command Strips

If for some reason, you still want to go with command strips due to your requirements and priorities then we have you covered in that section as well. In the above video, you will find the maker using proprietary command strip hooks to hang things off of his wall and provide you with adequate instructions on using them.

This way you can actually see the perfect way to install them without harming your paint while ensuring that your hooks can support the maximum amount of weight possible. So if the above-stated alternatives are not up your alley and you still plan on sticking to command strips, then the above video is for you. It will help you understand the product better, and use it to the best of your advantage.


Command strips might be ideal for some situations and although cheap, they come with a lot of issues and niggles that might be too much for some people. Modern technology has made significant advances in adhesive quality and performance and we have a number of alternatives to command strips on today’s market.

Most of them either offer better functionality or simply reduce the flaws that otherwise plague traditional command strips. This guide was aimed to help you find alternatives to command strips with better performance and reduced issues. What did you think about our alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.