Alternative to Box Spring [Best Mattress Foundation]

Alternative to Box Spring [Best Mattress Foundation]

So, your want to make the change from a box spring bed to a similar replacement? Today you can buy several comparable box spring alternatives that provide a much nicer sleeping base foundation for your mattress. These substitutes include: adjustable beds, platform beds and wood foundations.

These alternatives are often longer-lasting and more durable than standard boxsprings. By fitting your bed with one of these equivalent alternatives you’ll have appropriate back and neck support plus a comfortable yet firm balance for your whole body enabling a great nights sleep.

Even though the practicality and functionality of box springs are a tried and tested part of your bed’s setup, they are now considered technically and comfort wise extremely outdated. Let’s take a look at the range of better options available online today!

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Do you really need to buy a new box spring?

Their are some major differences between box springs and more up to date reliable bed foundations. There still a few companies around that manufacture box springs, but newer mattress technology which are a dramatic improvement have negated most of their original value. Traditional box springs are rendered obsolete by the latest bed designs which include the latest inclusive comfort features.

Let’s take latex mattresses as an example; they’re much more resilient applied pressures, noticeably thicker and anatomically superior to past innerspring mattresses. When looking to buy a new bed it’s important you know box springs are no longer the go to product for reliable lumbar support!

What can be used instead of a box spring?

There are many box spring alternatives on the market such as RTA wood foundations (wooden slats), platform beds, adjustable beds and even direct hard floor beds, all offering a slightly different sleeping advantage. But which bed foundation best fits your night time needs?

  • Wooden slats are more aesthetically pleasing box spring replacement, and other a wood RTA foundation benefits include affordability, ventilation and durability.
  • Platform beds frames provide an attached headboard and adjustable legs raising the (not included) mattress up to 15 inches above ground level.
  • Adjustable beds offer customizable personal sleeping positions plus the header and footer of the bed frame can be moved with built in motors.

1. Zinus Joseph Modern Studio (Wood Slats)

Zinus Joseph 14 Inch Metal Platforma Bed...
Zinus boast their bed frames can be built in mere seconds and mattresses are marshmallows providing a place to rest your tired feet or have an awesome night of sleep. This stylish modern studio platform mattress foundation is expertly designed for durability, strength and sturdy comfort. Love the minimalist design.


The strengthened steel frame by Zinus is a mattress foundation is a wooden slat construction and provides reliable support for your spring, memory foam or latex mattress. This bed base works with or without a box springs and is super easy to assemble. Expert wooden slat mattress foundation innovation from Zinus.


2. Olee Sleep (Metal Slats)

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel...
Next up is the unique and sturdy mattress foundation by Olee Sleep. This bed frame leaves ample under bed storage space, encloses the mattress to help prevent slipping and is super simple to assemble. Upon delivery your package will contain all tools and hardware need to erect your mattress foundation.


The hardened steel slats support your mattress of choice and prevents possible sagging. The bigger than usual 18 inch high profile allows for extra storage space and the innovative design completely removes the need for box springs, making it an affordable representative alternative. A very strong and reliable bed frame.


3. AmazonBasics Platform Bed

Amazon Basics Faux Leather Upholstered...
Our next alternate offing is produced by AmazonBasics. This wooden slat platform bed provides sophisticated style and comfort, looking fantastic with it’s built in faux leather headboard. The beautiful bed features a well designed vertical headboard and sturdy framing with wooden slats running across the center to support your mattress.


It’s well constructed elegant legs make your bed stable and structurally sound, plus create a handy storage space under the bed for bits and bobs. The platform beds dark espresso faux leather provides the best of both worlds… Upscale expensive appearance of real leather and easy to clean everyday durability.


4. Split King Adjustable Bed Frame

Blissful Nights e4 Split King Adjustable Bed...
The future of sleep is now! Lounge, rest and sleep with this awesome split king size adjustable bed from Blissful Nights. This space age alternative to simple box springs boasts custom memory presets, zero gravity and anti snore capabilities. This premium adjustable bed includes dual USB ports, massage motors, adjustable height and night light.


You can control the top and bottom incline position with ease with the provided wireless remote. The remote features custom memory buttons including, massage controls, zero-gravity, under bed night light and anti-snore presets. This clever and unique bed frame is designed to require zero tools for assembly.


5. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

LUCID L300 Ergonomic Upholstered 5 Minute...
Last but not least the ergonomic adjustable bed base by LUCID. This bed is supplied with a 12″ hybrid latex mattress, an independent head incline, 2 USB charging stations on either side, handy wireless remote control, a original folding hinge making assembly super fast and a rock solid 10-year warranty.


The mattress consists of 5.5-inch high-quality steel coils and real latex wrapped memory foam which conform to your body and isolates movement, making the bed ideal for pregnant women, people with bed bound illnesses and the older generation looking for complete comfort. The bed is finished with an attractive two tone cover.


How to make your own box spring replacement?

Are you looking for a super cheap DIY alternative to bed box springs? Then this useful video shows you how to make your own replacement for under $20. You should expect the finished project to be a temporary measure and I’m sure you’ll have to deal with breakages plus annoying rattles and squeaks, but if cost is an issue should do the job nicely! An off the shelf substitute would be more reliable.


Our top recommendation for the best box spring alternative really depend on whether comfort, aesthetics or storage are your individual priority.

Wood foundations support almost any mattress type, and for people making the change from a box spring and want to buy an affordable, cost effective and comparable bed foundation are an ideal investment.

Platform beds are great If matching the base to your bedrooms decor is important. Platform beds are your best choice for a visually appealing box spring substitute and you also get a wider range of options.

Finally, for people who desire absolute comfort and unlimited customization options, an adjustable base is a fantastic choice to for your mattress. Modern adjustable beds are considered the king of mattress foundations and provide a supportive long-term solution.

Turning your bedroom into a place you can use to just chill out, watch TV or have a comfortable nights sleep.