Alternative to Bifold Closet Doors [Similar Solutions]

Alternative to Bifold Closet Doors [Similar Solutions]

Closets are private spaces that often hold your personal belongings that you would want to keep away from prying eyes. Not only this, all your clothes and accessories reside in it, and hence you are going to need easy access to it.

If you are in the market for a new closet door, then you probably have encountered the vast number of choices that are currently available on the market. If you are confused, then you have landed on the perfect page. Our detailed guide will help you understand your requirements and find the right choice for you.

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Why Are Bi-Fold Closet Doors Not Suited For Daily Use?

Bi-fold doors use a hinged mechanism across for different sections and open sideways, sitting flush with the walls on either side. When invented, bi-fold doors were meant to provide you with more space and easy access inside your closet.

Although this seems great on paper, bi-fold doors are notoriously famous for falling off their tracks over the course of time. And if by chance your doors haven’t been fitted properly then you will keep facing this issue regularly. They also require regular maintenance and only works well if they are made from genuine hardwood solids.

Bi-fold doors made from pressed plywood or composite wood will over time crack and loosen up, which will severely hamper their performance.

Why Are Alternatives Better?

Depending on your requirements, there are a vast number of closet doors that you can choose from. Some allow for easy and fast access to your clothes and accessories while some let you make the most of your real estate space.

Some options that you can go for include French Doors, Curtains, Sliding Doors & Swinging Doors. French Doors are a great choice for smaller spaces. They are lightweight and easy to install and swing-out just like traditional hinged doors. Curtains, on the other hand, give you the customization options to change their look on a regular basis for a fresher look in your room every time.

Sliding doors allow for easy and fast access while swinging doors give a better sense of space while maintaining privacy in cramped spaces. Depending on what best fits your living space, you can choose from our top 5 choices listed below.

1. LWZH Sliding Wooden Barn Door Kit

LWZH 4FT Sliding Wood Barn Door Hardware Kit...
This sliding barn door frame comes with its own full assembly kit. This allows you to easily install it right out of the box with minimum need for professional tools. The LWZH sliding barn door frame is constructed from premium carbon steel which not only makes it lightweight but extremely strong as well. Its high-quality bearings come with a door stopper that can be adjusted for more or less buffering to ensure the longevity of the rolling mechanism.


This mechanism is a cheaper option for people that already own a door and just want a sturdy sliding frame or people looking to choose their own designer door. The LWZH sliding barn door frame can support a maximum load of 200lbs and comes with five years of manufacturer’s warranty.


2. Spectrum Accordion Folding Door

LTL Home Products VS3280HL Via Accordion...
Our second choice is the Spectrum Accordion Folding Door, an affordable closet door that is built with durability in mind. It comes in a modular design and can be combined with multiple doors of the same design in order to cover up a larger area.


Constructed from lead-free vinyl formulation, the Spectrum Accordion Folding Door promises long-lasting use with minimum maintenance.


The door also features a magnetic which allows for easy opening and closing of the door. So if you are looking for an affordable and cute choice that is excellent for tight spaces, then the Spectrum Accordion Folding Door is an excellent choice for you.


3. ClosetMaid Traditional 2 Door Glass Door

ClosetMaid 4595 Modular Closet Storage Glass...
If you want something classier and stylish that can fit well in larger spaces, then you might want to take a look at the ClosetMaid Traditional 2 Door Glass Door. It comes in a white finish and transparent glass panels that help improve the aesthetics of almost every room it is placed in.


Additionally, the ClosetMaid Traditional 2 Door Glass Door also features satin nickel handles for an added layer of luxury. It is easy to install and is a perfect choice for offices or minimalistic bedrooms where style is of the essence.


4. Pinecroft French Door

LTL Home Products 852730 Traditional French...
From the house of Pinecroft comes this stylish and elegant French Door that is available in 4 different sizes and two different colors. Featuring a traditional glass pane pattern, the Pinecroft French Door comes with tempered glass fittings that can withstand most bumps and scratches for extra durability.


If you go for the unfurnished choice, you have the ability to customize its color and stains according to your liking for a more consistent design across your bedroom. Ideal for most walk-in closets, its simplistic french inspired design gives it extra styling and a minimalist look that is perfect hotels and resorts too.


5. Pinecroft Dixieland Louvered Door

LTL Home Products 858642 Dixieland Louvered...
Lastly, we have the Pinecroft Dixieland Louvered Swinging door that is a perfect choice for small spaces where you want to make the most of your space. Its smaller design allows for privacy but also makes the room feel airy at the same time.


Constructed from solid wood, the Pinecroft Dixieland Louvered Swinging door comes with no finger joints, which makes it an excellent feature for users with small kids. Available in a pair, the door is easy to stain and ready to varnish right out of the box, making it an excellent and versatile choice if you are doing renovations.


Comparison of Closet Door Styles

If you are someone who struggles to understand theory without any visual reference, then this video is exactly for you. The video represents all the different types of doors that are currently available on the market, which will help you understand how each one works. You can get a visual representation of how each one of the doors operates, which will help you narrow down your choices.

Featuring all kinds of doors including bi-folding doors, bypass doors, French doors, multifold doors and much more, the video will not only educate you on the different types but also help you understand your constraints and requirements.


This guide was created with the aim of helping you understand the shortcomings of modern-day bi-folding. Bi-Folding doors have been used widely in the past few decades making them a common sight in most homes.

Our choice of alternatives is aimed at helping you find a better-suited closet door in case you are fed up with your existing bi-fold doors.

We hope that the included video was a helpful addition in case we failed to make things clear in our guide. What did you feel about it? Let us know in the comments section below.