Alternative to Benadryl [Comparable Antihistamine]

Alternative to Benadryl [Comparable Antihistamine]

Benadryl is a popular go-to medication for people around the country who suffer with chronic seasonal allergies. The active ingredient diphenhydramine alleviates symptoms of common chest and sinus congestion, runny noses and sneezing, However, many us us suffer with an allergic reaction to Benadryl so an alternative substitute is required.

The great news for people with such an allergy is there are comparable OTC prescription replacements, and natural alternatives to Benadryl that can used instead and often cheaper and more effective. When selecting an alternate antihistamine medication It’s important for the patient to research the similar products available. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best you can buy online without a prescription!

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Why some patients require a Benadryl alternative?

Let me start by saying, even though no antihistamine alternative will be completely side effect free, many will present these effects in a much milder manner while providing similar benefits as Benadryl. These include prescription medications given to you by your doctor, everyday over-the-counter medications and plant based herbal substitutes.

The most notable side effects of Benadryl for patients include impaired coordination, constipation, fatigue and drowsiness the last two being the reason 1000’s of Americans use the product as a sleep aid which is not advisable. These common side effects of the chemical diphenhydramine can be accompanied by more serious allergic reactions.

What is the best Benadryl substitution?

Allergy suffers can use natural products along side clinical medicine to maximize the allergen fighting effects. These Benadryl alternatives include nettle leaf tea, probiotics and neti pots to flush out your nasal cavities. Though these may lack regulated clinically testing it has been shown patients feel a noticeable sense of congestion relief after taking one or more of these related treatments.

In more severe cases of seasonal allergies you may require stronger prescription drugs but these often come with more acute side effects, so be warned. A few of the best are Xyzal (levocabastine) and Clarinex (Desloratadine). No matter what Benadryl substitute you decide to take it’s highly advised to avoid alcohol, as it can very dangerous.

1. Goodsense All Day Allergy

GoodSense All Day Allergy, Cetirizine HCl...
This Benadryl alternative created by Goodsense contains cetirizine hydrochloride tablets. You receive a pack of 10 mg active ingredient tablets (cetirizine hydrochloride), an antihistamine tested and approved treatment for all types of indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. One dose of Goodsense tablets work a full 24 hours.


Substances that trigger an allergy are called allergens. An allergy is a persons sensitivity to substances that are usually harmless to others. Examples of common causes of allergens include flowers, trees, family pets and dust. Even foods can trigger an allergic reaction for people with sensitivities to them such as peanut butter, fish, and milk.


Goodsense antihistamine tablets help temporarily alleviate symptoms caused by hay fever and multiple upper respiratory common allergies including runny noses, constant sneezing, irritating itchiness, debilitating watery eyes and annouying itching of the throat or nose. A single 10 mg does of cetirizine hydrochloride provides all-day (24hr) allergy relief.


This prescription strength medication temporarily relieves proportionate allergy symptoms in both adults and older children of 6 years of age and over. However, the best strategy for completely remedying an allergic reaction caused by pets or food is total avoidance. Also changing from carpet to wood or tiled flooring greatly helps reduce allergens in the home.


2. Zyrtec Allergy Relief

Zyrtec Allergy Relief (10 mg), 70 Tablets
Next up, Zyrtec which gently relieves peoples regular allergy symptoms of sneezing such as watery eyes, runny nose, itchy and constant itchy nose or throat. These popular antihistamine tablets can be taken any time of the day both with or without food and begins working quickly with very few side effects.


This allergen medication works within an hour of taking and last 24 hours providing relief all day and throughout the night. The tablets available to buy online are exactly the same strength as comparable prescription medication and protects against tree, grass, weeds, pollen and household dust derived allergies.


Zyrtec antihistamines help block air born histamines and reliably relieve those annoying allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy throats or noses and watery eyes. The fast acting tablets can also shrink swollen membranes to alleviate both nasal and sinus congestion. Combine an antihistamine like ZYRTEC-D with other decongestants for extra congestion relief.


You can also purchase antihistamine eye drops and intranasal corticosteroids nasal sprays manufactured by Zyrtec if swallowing tablets is a problem. These types of eye drops and nasal sprays are expertly designed to help reduce itchiness of your nose and eyes which are the most common symptoms and effect up to 80% of people with such allergies.


3. Genexa Allergy-D

Genexa Allergy-D – 60 Tablets | Certified...
Last but not least a verified non GMO organic homeopathic allergy medicine created by Genexa. This natural antihistamine is created by a company absolutely committed to creating eco friendly, vegan, cleaner, safer, healthier medical products with the highest quality ingredients, free of artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives.


Allergy-D is a allergy medicine that helps relieve multi-symptom seasonal allergies allergy symptoms due to it’s homeopathic compounds. These includes congestion, sneezing, mucus, runny nose, irritated eyes and aids coughs and sore throats. The USDA approved gluten-free, vegan, non GMO and organic formulated and non-drowsy.


Allergy-D is manufactured free of nasty artificial dyes, preservatives, flavors and common food ingredient allergens like lactose and gluten. Instead they use healthy ingredients like rice bran extract, organic aloe vera, vegetarian beetroot and natural acai berry. An effective antihistamine made naturally and ideal for vegans with indoor or outdoor allergies.


Most Genexa products are certified gluten-free and vegan friendly by taking out the preservatives, artificial dyes and flavors discovered in most medicines and organic wellness products, substituting them with healthier cleaner, non-GMO and organic inactive chemical ingredients. These plant based tablets have been formulated by our medical expert physicians, chief formulating officer and a team of scientists.


How antihistamines work?

Are you still confused about how antihistamines help prevent allergy symptoms? Antihistamines are specially formulated drugs that block the annoying histamine action. This video will explain it in simple terms a little better.


I can fully sympathize with people that have have seasonal allergies, and know how challenging they can be. Symptoms such as sinus pressure, sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion can difficult to tolerate.

You may of had an allergic reaction to many over-the-counter (OTC) solutions while attempting to cure your seasonal symptoms and may want to try something a comparable Benadryl alternative. There is a growing body of evidence that organic natural solutions can ease your debilitating symptoms.

Take back control and combat these cold-like symptoms including seasonal allergies such as hay fever and allergic rhinitis, and natural, prescription and OTC can be of huge benefit. However, these medications may have their side effects so please read instructions carefully.