Alternative to Airpods [Best Comparable Ear Buds]

Alternative to Airpods

Due to man’s ever increasing demand for sophisticated tools in the digital world, Apple as they always do, had to come up with the gradual development of the Apple Airpod as part of their Apple products stream. This article therefore, gives a quantitative analysis, explanation as well as good review of the Apple Airpod alternatives.

It also highlights the differences the Apple Airpod has with other similar Airpods. There is a little difference between the first and the second-generation Airpods but you can get some amazing “None Apple” comparable ear buds which are highlighted in the table below.

5 Best Selling Alternative to Airpods

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Otium Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0...
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Latest Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless...
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Wireless Earbuds, Upgraded Boltune Bluetooth...
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Wireless Earbuds,Mpow M9 4-mic Noise...
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Apple Airpods Buying Guide

The H1 Chipset

The H1 chipset is the most noticeable update that has been made between the first and the second generation Airpods. The Chipset now has a longer talk time as well as an added advantage of supporting the voice activated Siri. Design Another noticeable feature is that the look of both the Airpods was not changed and the speaker placements remain intact though it doesn’t necessarily work with all ears. It also retains the white color of the first generation Apple Airpods.

So in your bid to try and show off to everyone you just bought the latest Apple Airpods, it might be hard for them to notice because of the difficulty in spotting out the difference.

The “W” series chipsets are more focused on the Wi-Fi connection as well as the Bluetooth and it is a common chipset found in most wireless headphones such as the beats. It is also used by Apple in the Apple watch line. On the other hand, the “H” series of the chipsets are more of Apple based product basically used in their headphones to give the following:

A higher-quality audio

Lower latency in the area of stuff like gaming

Much faster connectivity

There have been more improvements made with the HI chip over the WI chip and these include:

1. The H1 has up to 50% more talking time.

2. They are twice faster in the area of switching between devices.

3. The connection speed to phone calls is much faster.

4. The connectivity is stronger.

5. They exhibit a 30% lower latency in the area of gaming.

6. An added advantage of supporting the voice activated Siri.

Better Phone Call Experience

With the emergence of the H1 chip, the second generations Apple Airpods are known to have long support for talk time, unlike the first generation Airpods. The Apple notes are known to have up to 50% more talk time. With the H1 chips, there is also an improvement in the area of fast connectivity, up to 1.5 times faster, while trying to switching to connect to incoming phone calls from listening to any other form of audio such as videos or music.

The second generation Airpods also has an improved voice and audio quality, unlike their predecessors. Not only will there be clarity of the voice on the receiving end but your conversation will also be clear to the other person on the other end you are talking to.

The Siri Voice-Activation versus the Double-Tap Activation

With the first-generation Airpods, activating the Siri can be quite challenging though sound simple. Simple in the sense that, you need to do is to double-tap the right or left bud and after a few seconds you can go ahead and ask the Siri for help in different ways such as volume adjustment and playback controls.

Challenging in the sense that, you can accidentally double-tap the earbud while you are trying to adjust the positioning, it is also very hard to remember which of the buds was assigned for the Siri voice-activation. Nevertheless, this is not the case with the second generation Airpods. Here you can get the Siri easily activated by using your voice as we do with the other Apple products like the Apple watch, iPhones and HomePod.

By just saying “Hey, Siri,” you will instantly get the attention of the virtual assistant. This is really good for people with disabilities in the sense that that can easily just get the Siri activated without needing to reach up and get the bud double-tapped. Comfort The first and second generation both share the same dimensions, the second generation Airpod is known to have the following features which make them comfortable to use.

They are lightweight.

Their buds nestle are 0.14 ounce which allows it to easily fit into the ear.

The 0.14-ounce buds nestle does not cause any discomfort or pressure to the ear

The buds are so small (might makes you feel so anxious about losing your airpods).

The Airpods are so tiny that it can be worn for a long period of time without feeling any discomfort at all.

The Need for Speed

Getting both generations of Apple Airpods connected to an iPhone is very fast. But research has shown that it is even faster with the second generation Apple Airpods. When tried with an iPhone XS Max, it takes the first generation

Apple Airpods an average of 5.1 seconds to get connected to the phone but for the second generation Apple Airpods, it only took about an average of 3.2 seconds to connect.

Once a connection has been established between the phone and the second generation Apple Airpod buds, we will have the pop-up of a small widgets pops that will show the pod’s battery life as well as the charging case There is also an extra bit of pick up and go which comes from the new H1 chipset.

This enables the second generation Apple Airpods to give the longer talk time they exhibit as well as the high-quality battery life and the fast switch connectivity. Research has also shown that switching between the MacBook Pro and the XS Max, took the second generation Apple Airpods about 2.8 seconds while for the first generation Apple Airpods, it takes 4.3 seconds.

The new H1 chips are also of great advantage to be used with cutting audio latency while playing by 30% and also for mobile games as well.

Smarter earphones with „Hey Siri‟

Apart from the fast speed of the second generation Apple Airpods, they are also known to be smarter as well when it comes to the application in Siri. It is actually the first set of Airpods to enable the application of hand-free Siri.

It is as easy as just saying “Hey, Siri” instead of having to double-tap in order to lunch the virtual digital assistant. They are very smart such that, it

will pick your voice instantly even when you are in a noisy, crowded environment. For obvious reasons anyways, the Siri feature does not work with Android phones, it can only be used by those using the iPhones. It should be noted that it only works with Apple music as other services such as Spotify are not supported.

The microphone is of very high quality, gives so much convenience in sending text messages. The battery life is also impressive and you can talk on the phone for as long as you want with just little impact on the draining of the battery life.

Apple assures customers of having a talk time for up to about three hours, so yes you can surely get up to approximately that. So the advantage is not seen in only using the Airpods to listen to music but it is also seen in texting, talking and so much more, it’s up to you to make the most use of the device.

Pairing Your Airpods

The new Apple W1 chip makes the pairing between Airpods and Apple devices so easy. It produces good wireless connectivity for an improved sound as well as good battery life management. The process of pairing takes as little as three seconds to complete connectivity.

Pairing the Airpods with an Apple device is quite simple and it also has some other subtle features that make the Airpods even lovelier to use. Pairing your Airpods with iPhone:

1. Open up the charging case.

2. Get the setup button on the back of the charging case pushed down.

3. Ensure that your Bluetooth is on.

4. After being prompted, tap connect.

5. As soon as the Airpods connection to a device that is associated with your iCloud device is established, other devices connected to the iCloud such as the iPods, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch will be automatically recognized.

Pairing Your Airpods with A Different IPhone

In a situation whereby you have already gotten your Airpods paired with another iPhone, there will be need of an extra step to get them paired with your new iPhone.

1. Get your Airpods charging case and open it.

2. Select “Connect.”

3. Then press and hold down the pairing button on the case’s back.

Pairing the Second Generation Apple Airpods with an Android

Pairing the second generation Apple Airpods with an android will take a little more effort. To use the second generation Apple Airpods with your Samsung Galaxy Note, you will need to press the  round button that will be found on the back of the charging case.

The first generation Apple Airpods will take 4.9 seconds to get connected while the second generation Apple Airpods will take 3.1 seconds to gain full connection. The round button can also be used to reset the connection of the Bluetooth to an iOS device and it is to be noted that once connected the speed is uninterrupted.

So, when it comes to working with other Apple devices, the Airpods starts working automatically and it is always at its best with Apple devices.

While it can also be used with other phones like the Android phone as well as computers, ensure the device can be used with the Airpods supports Bluetooth protocol. Follow the same setup process if you want to use your Airpods with a new device:

1. Get the case opened.

2. Then press and hold down the back button to put the Airpods in a pairing mode

3. Also, check with the other device which you are trying to connect your Airpods with and make sure it is set to discovery mode.

4. As soon as you are done with Step three, a list that shows your Airpods should come up.

5. Tap on the Airpods on the list for the pairing process to start. It should be noted that even though the Airpods are known to work with any device, they do not have Automatic Ear Detection.

It should be noted that even though the Airpods are known to work with any device, they do not have Automatic Ear Detection.

Manually Connecting and Reconnecting To Your Airpods

Once you open the Airpods case, they are supposed to automatically connect to your primary device. In some cases, this doesn’t happen and as a result, you will need to manually connect and reconnect which can be done from the AirPlay menu.

Take the following steps in manually connecting and reconnecting to your primary device:

1. Go to the Control center.

2. Select the “Now Playing widget.”

3. At the top-right corner, tap on the AirPlay button.

4. All available devices will appear after Step three.

5. The Tap on the Airpods to get connected to them.

Unpairing your Airpods

It is possible to get your Airpods unpaired from your iPhone or IPad if you don’t want to use the Airpods with them anymore. Once you unpair the Airpods from your iPhone, they will automatically be unpaired from your iPad as well as your Apple Watch and Mac.

Nevertheless, getting the Airpods unpaired from your iPad will only get them unpaired from just the iPad. You can as well get them repaired at any time you feel like anyways. To get the unpairing process done, you are required to take the following steps:

1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.

2. Select “Bluetooth.”

3. Tap on the “Information button” that will be found beside your Airpods.

4. Tap on “Forget this device.”

5. Tap on the Forget your device again to confirm your selection. Get on your iPhone and tap “Forget Device” again for the confirmation on the iCloud to remove on other devices.

Lights in Airpods

The lights on the Airpods help in having a good understanding of what is going on when using the Airpods. Once the case is flicked open, a light will appear in between the two Airpods.

With the color and the blinking of the light, you will be able to understand the states of your Airpods when it is in use. These different states are highlighted below.

No Light: This is an indication that your Airpods has no more power and thus needs to be charged.

AmberLight while Airpods in case: This indicates that the Airpods is charging.

Amber light without Airpods in case: This shows that you have less than a full recharge left in the Airpods case.

The Greenlight without Airpods in case: This implies that you have more than one full recharge left in the Airpod’s case.

The White flashing light: This indicates that the Airpods have been reset and are ready to connect.

The Amber Flashing Light: This indicates that the Airpods has a pairing error and might need to be reset.

Listen With Your Airpods

Once you get your Airpods out of the case, they will automatically come up and will be ready to use. It will automatically play the audio from your device once you put them in the ear.

By taking out one of the Airpods from your ear, the audio playing at that moment will get paused and by taking out the second, the audio stops completely.

In a situation where you were listening with one of the Airpods and you decide to take it out, the audio just pauses and won’t stop this time. Once you re-insert within the space of 15 seconds, the audio automatically starts to play.

It should be noted that Airpods gets connected to Apple Watch and iPhone automatically and sounds get automatically switched between them.To use your Airpods in effectively playing audio from a different device or in switching the audio to different speakers or headphones, there are basic steps to follow found in the instructions booklet.