12 Alternative Jobs For Physical Therapists

Alternative Jobs For Physical Therapists

Wondering what else you can do with a degree in physical therapy? Are you looking for different creative career options to leverage your degree? You’ve come to the right place!

We all know it’s not easy to attain a degree in physical therapy. It takes time, effort, money, and a few tears. Once you have obtained your degree and you find yourself not enjoying your job, it can be a major letdown.

Here are some great alternative jobs for physical therapists if you are looking for one:

1. Tutoring or education

Education is quite a natural transition for physical therapists because their jobs consist of educating patients, families, caregiver, healthcare professionals, etc. This is, in fact, one of the most common alternative jobs for physical therapists.

There are many higher education systems that are willing to employ PTs to teach their students on the specialty. As a matter of fact, PTs are high in demand in community college, graduate level, and university, especially in bio-mechanics and anatomy courses.

Other great options are to work with companies that work to create online classes or even webinars from home.

2. Utilization review or clinical reviewing

Clinical reviews were previously conducted mostly by nurses. Today, speech, occupational and physical therapists are all involved in non-clinical jobs where they review clinical notes by others to determine whether the treatments are justified.

Clinical reviewers are also called physical therapy reviewers usually work in rehab companies. They review notes and also educate the staff on proper billing. Utilization reviewers are also employed by insurance companies to review charts.

3. Technology/ industry

Love robots? There are many physical therapists who have taken up this career and loved it. It makes for one of the coolest alternative jobs for physical therapists. Companies like suitX and Rewalk employ physical therapists as marketers, clinical trainers, consultants and more.

Physical therapists make incredible assets to robotics companies. These are companies that develop technology in order to assist SCI patients to become more mobile, and the inputs of physical therapists are important.

Physical therapists are also an asset to industries that are seeking to streamline the delivery of healthcare.

4. Recruiting

Rehab professionals have an incredible career opportunity in recruiting. Recruiters work with rehab professionals and employers to find the perfect candidate for a position. PTs perform screening for applicants and make money based on whether or not they are able to fill a vacant position.

5. Writing

Whether it is in copy-writing, publishing or blogging, there is a massive demand for professional rehab professionals on the internet. As a health writer, PTs can use their knowledge and write articles for different companies who need writers with specific expertise and skill set.

Blogging is a great way to make a lot of money as a freelance writer.

6. Sales and marketing

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a Dynasplint rep and just waltz into a workplace, fit splints for the patients and just be on your merry way? It’s such a fulfilling and fun way to leverage a PT degree.

Medical sales are sure at the top of the list here. However, there are so many other opportunities like insurance, technology and software sales, financial sales, etc. for PTs. PTs are natural born marketers because every day they are convincing patients to follow a certain treatment plan for their own good.

7. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is on the rise these days. There are so many physical therapists who leverage their expertise and degree to become their own bosses and offer non-clinical and/or partial clinical services to clients.

Thanks to the rise of smartphones and telehealth, physical therapists are pursuing all sorts of cool career paths like owning HEP companies or even launching telehealth platforms.

The key is to identify a problem and provide a solution to the problem.

8. Human Resources

Are you looking for an alternative job simply because you are tired of the clinical environment? If this is so then, you will probably want to continue working with people. Working as a Human Resource Generalist will provide a great opportunity for you to still interact with people while avoiding the clinical environment.

There are so many alternative career options for this. Initially, your salary may start low, but you can work your way up.

9. Business Development

This is another career opportunity for physical therapists who love to work with people. There are so many opportunities for PTs at clinic groups, hospitals, advertising agencies, insurance agencies, and local distributors.

You can start by promoting yourself as somebody who is able to connect with people easily.

10. Consulting

With an advanced physical therapist health degree, you have the qualification to be able to offer solutions to any workplace as a health consultant. You will need to prepare a little more for this, but if you are seriously looking for alternative jobs for physical therapists, this one is a great option.

11. Chiropractor

Many physical therapists are able to enjoy working as a chiropractor since there is a shared interest in working on patients’ mobility and help alleviate the pain. As a chiropractor, you will be offering relief to the patient by examining their body and adjusting spinal misalignment’s. You can even have your own independent practice or become a part of a team. You will need to obtain a doctorate in chiropractic degree in order to obtain a state license to practice.

12. Exercise physiologist

An exercise physiologist is very similar to a physical therapist. Both make use of physical activity to bring an improvement in the overall health of patients. As an exercise physiologist, you will be typically working with patients suffering from pulmonary and cardiovascular issues.

Your job will be to examine the medical history of patients and develop a personalized exercise regime to improve their health. You can pursue a private practice or join a hospital for this career. You will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the specific field and get the necessary certification before you can start working as an exercise physiologist.