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5 Ways to Go Green for Spring

5 Ways to Go Green for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it is the perfect time to go green. But that doesn’t mean just switching to reusable bags and taking shorter showers. Going green can be a fun endeavor. Try some of the following ideas to go green for spring.

1. Take a spring “Eco-break.” Do you have fond memories of spring vacations? Make some new memories at an Eco-friendly resort. Costa Rica has a number of great options for beach-goers. Major travel websites including Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia have green travel sections. If you want to give back during your vacation, consider volunteering at a national park. The National Park Service has a volunteer program that invites volunteers to help clean the parks. You get to enjoy the amazing scenery while giving back.

2. Green your makeup routine. Spring is a great time to change your look. Why not switch to green products while you’re making yourself over? There are numerous options available for both department store and drugstore shoppers. For trendy makeup lovers, Cargo Plantlove features environmentally- friendly packaging and fabulous colors. For a less expensive (but equally fabulous) option, consider Physicians Formula Organic Wear.

3. Try a new form of transportation. The weather is warmer, so consider trying an alternative form of transportation for short errands. Riding a bike or skateboard for quick trips is a fun way to go green and burn calories. On average, a 150-pound person will burn approximately 143 calories during 15 minutes of bicycling. The calorie burn can really add up if you swap your car for a bike for nearby errands. Plus, you may remember how much fun activities like biking and skateboarding were when you were a kid. Even a scooter can be a fun green change in your transportation routine.

4. Redecorate and recycle at the same time. When you start your spring cleaning, consider the possible uses for your old stuff. Most of us have tons of stuff that could be recycled into something interesting. If you’ve got a pile of old CDs, they can be reused as paint palettes. (This is very handy for the artist in your house.) Old CDs can also be turned into letter holders. Take a look around the house and see what can be recycled into something useful.

5. Green is the new black. When you add to your wardrobe this season, pick up some of the chic new green options. There are lots of great Eco-friendly fabric options including bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp. You don’t have to replace everything in your closet, but consider replacing some of your staples such as t-shirts with Eco-friendly versions. Over time, your whole closet can go green. Buying vintage clothes is another great way to green your closet.

Going green can be a fun change to make in the spring. Grab a bike or take a Eco-trip for spring break, just have fun while saving the planet. Try one or all of these ideas and go green for spring.

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